Comedy in Kerala fun for Vir Das

Published Jan 11, 2018, 12:18 am IST
Updated Jan 11, 2018, 12:18 am IST
Stand-up comedian Vir Das will be performing once again in Kochi this Friday, with BoardingDAS.
Vir Das
 Vir Das

For many on Twitter, the year 2017 ended with sarcasm-filled wrap-up by stand-up comedian Vir Das on his podcast, or as he himself calls it, his ‘Potcast’. 

Sitting on a toilet surrounded by objects ranging from minion dolls to Christmas décor, Vir sets millions split their sides. His year-ender podcast weighed on issues ranging from women, democracy and fake news to everything else that happened in the year. 


Discussing current topics like Harvey Weinstein to Padm-avat row, he left no chance to take a jibe at the present media squabbles. 

To the delight of Keralites, Vir Das, one of India’s top rated comedians, will be performing in Kochi this week as part of his programme BoardingDAS.

Vir, who has over seven million followers on Twitter, is the first Indian comedian with a comedy special Abroad Understanding broadcast on Netflix, after which he has been touring the world with BoardingDAS.

Though he has been to Kochi twice, he always looks forward to coming back as the audience is very welcoming. 

“Kerala has a rich audience. They are the most educated crowd in India. The people here are open-minded and are very much receptive to stand-up comedy. I am very much at ease while performing here. The crowd response was very warm; that’s why I keep coming back,” he says.

He is also in love with Kerala cuisine. “I simply love the food here, especially the appam and stew,” he adds with a giggle.

Born in Dehradun and raised in Africa, Shimla and Delhi, Vir was into theatre since college days. 

His stand-up comedy debut Brown Men Can’t Hump was in Knox’s Harbach Theatre in his college in Illinois. 

He returned to India in April 2003 and since then, has performed over 100 comedy shows in all the major cities, not to mention 35 plays, eight TV shows, two movies and six comedy specials. 

Vir will be performing at JTPaC, Tripunithura, on Friday.