This state has become my second home, says Premi Vishwanath

Kerala kutty Premi Vishwanath is a household name, thanks to her appearance in the most highly rated Telugu TV serial, 'Karthika Deepam'. The Telugu audience has connected to her character Deepa, 'Vantalakka' for seven years now. The makers recently renewed the show for a new season much for the delight of the TV audience. In between, Premi was also seen in the Telugu movie, Custody starting Naga Chaitanya. In an exclusive interview with Deccan Chronicle, the actress talks about what makes Hyderabad her second home.
How does it feel to be part of the longest running TV show which has broken all records?
It's a very happy feeling. It’s not every day that you get to be a part of such unique show.

After playing Deepa for long, how much of the character has influenced you in real life?
Every character we play as artists always leaves quite a lot of it with us. It is but natural that the character I played for so many years will influence my real life too.
Your mother tongue is Malayalam, how did you manage Telugu in the initial days?
It was definitely not easy, a lot of hard work had to go into it. but with the help of the team and regular practice it got easy as days passed.
People usually put on makeup to stand out, but you agreed to do a role where you had to paint yourself in black to go de-glam. Did it not feel risky?
I didn’t feel like that at that moment. As an artist, you always look forward to doing some good work. The character or the role becomes more important. The complexities in the character just adds more depth to our acting.

Also, at a very young age, you played the mother of two kids. How did you pull off the role without any experience?

As a woman, you naturally have a lot of love in you. It is very natural for us to be able to show that love. And along with that as Indians you do have the privilege of being around your siblings, kids, cousins and so it's easy to feel that bond.
You played a role in the Telugu film ‘Custody’, any other Telugu projects in the pipeline?
At the moment, I am occupied with Karthika Deepam
A lot of Mallu girls like Anupama, Samyuktha Menon, are shining in Tollywood. How does it feel?
It is always a great feeling. These are all wonderful actors and deserve all the adulation they are getting.
After so much drama on the small screen, are you open to doing Malayalam movies that demand realistic portrayals?
Of course. It would be very exciting to be able to get such an opportunity.
Do you not miss family when you are busy shooting for several days in another state away from home?
With all the love which has come my way, this state has now become my home. It is home away from home. You definitely miss your mother, father and close family, and it really gets tough at times. But the love this place has given me compensates everything.
Malayalam films like‘Premamlu’ and “Manjummel Boys’ are minting money? Do you think Malayalam cinema has gone pan-India?
Yeah. After the pandemic, people got a chance to watch and appreciate different types of content and not just content which was directed towards them. Not just Malayalam movies, all language movies are receiving love from the audience. And it does feel special and very nice that Malayalam movies are getting so much love.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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