Celebrity chef Kunal Kapur wins divorce case against wife on cruelty grounds

The Delhi High Court, on April 2nd, granted celebrity chef Kunal Kapur a divorce from his estranged wife, citing her behavior as cruel and undignified. Justices Suresh Kumar Kait and Neena Bansal Krishna delivered the verdict, overturning a family court's decision to deny Kapur's plea for divorce. The court highlighted instances where Kapur's wife withheld their son from him and his parents, exacerbating the breakdown of their marriage.

In its ruling, the court expressed that the conduct of one spouse toward the other should not subject them to living in agony, devoid of the essence of marriage. Kapur and his wife, who married in 2008 and had a son in 2012, began living separately in 2015. Kapur accused his wife of disrespecting his parents and subjecting him to humiliation, while she countered with allegations of false accusations. The court upheld Kapur's plea, criticising the family court for dismissing it erroneously.

The court also noted the deliberate obstruction of communication between Kapur and his son by his wife, deeming it an act of malicious intent to create a rift. Despite Kapur's efforts to reconcile, the court observed that such behavior amounted to cruelty, justifying its decision to grant him divorce. Moreover, the court emphasized that unsubstantiated claims tarnishing Kapur's reputation also contributed to the cruelty inflicted upon him, emphasizing the significance of maintaining the sanctity of marriage amidst disagreements.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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