Munawar Faruqui, The King of reality shows!

Munawar Faruqi exclusively talks to Deccan Chronicle about winning the BB17 trophy and answers a volley of questions. Munawar Faruqi won the title, "Bigg Boss 17," with a cash prize of Rs 50 lakhs and a new car.


Congratulations to the King of relationships, Munawar Faruqui, on being bestowed with the BB17 winner's title on his birthday. What would you like to share with your fans at this moment?

I would like to thank all my fans. When I entered the BB17 house, I didn't have this humongous support. Now, coming out of the BB house, I feel surprised, happy, and on top of the moon to learn that people have extended their love, respect, and power to bring me out with flying colors. Indeed, holding the BB17 trophy makes me feel happy. But now that I have come out, I can see the number of people who supported me, and I am really thankful to them.

Bagging the winner's trophy for the second time, can we call you the "King of reality shows"?

It's just everyone's prayers and blessings that have helped me reach these sky-rising accomplishments. At some point, it's the hard work and my past actions as well. It's everything altogether that has fallen into place, and I feel humbled about it.

Unfortunately, our relationships have come out in the open. In what way will you handle relationships hereafter?

I think I should take care of myself now, especially when it comes to sharing any kind of relationships. You begin to understand the things that may have happened to you, and everything you face makes you realize a lot of things. I think I will try my best to become a better person. The important lessons I have learned being here are very important to know when to stop. Through this reality show, I learned my lessons. I'm feeling really humbled that the audience gave me a chance and helped me win. I am really grateful for this opportunity, and I'll definitely work on it.

You're a really clean-hearted person, but all this happened owing to certain situations. In case you face similar situations, how will you amend your ways?

Everything that happened surprised me. It felt like, "Why is this happening to me? This shouldn't have happened to me." But when it did happen, it gave me the strength to face it, which I didn't think I could ever do. Just because of the situation, a certain power inside helped me face it, and I think after facing such a situation, you realize how heartbroken and shattered you feel. I will try not to get into such a situation.

You weren't very friendly with Vicky [Jain], but you were very friendly with Ankita. After some time, you had a few disagreements with Ankita as well. What would you like to say about this?

Everything with Ankita was very real. With Vicky, it felt like we were both people who use our brains a lot. Two such people cannot play the game together, so with Vicky, the friendly bond existed, but in the beginning, we had drawn a line, and I decided not to cross that line. We decided that, though we have the bond, we can't become better friends than this, and we maintained it.

Your looks are very innocent. Any comments?

About the innocent look in me, I can only say living in a house with so many contestants for almost 105 days, you can't pretend or act, and people understood it right. Everything was situational, and everything was honest and natural. And I am thankful to people as they could see that.

You talked about yourself and Vicky having loads of intelligence and brains. Do you think, as intelligent people, you guys played this game with your brains? Do you think, at times, your heart rules your mind?

Definitely, a lot of times my heart ruled my mind. For Vicky, it's always his brain ruling his heart. [smiles]

Before parting, update us: what precautionary measures will you take in any relationship, especially with girls?

I always maintain and shall maintain a distance, especially from girls. What I would like to say clearly is whatever has come into the limelight, on a precautionary measure; I think the mind and heart shouldn't be mixed. If it's about the heart, let it be like that. And if the mind says no, then the heart shouldn't convince it otherwise.

I am taking this trophy and will hand it over to my son. I am eagerly awaiting to be with him.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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