Main Aisa Hi Hoon, says Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar talks exclusively to Deccan Chronicle on winning the position of first runner-up in Bigg Boss 17

Your girl (Isha Malviya) who was close to you in the show, walked away with another man and you still couldn’t get over her?

That's what happens when you are in love.

How do you look at your journey, what have you learnt and what strengths have you gained?

I realised, I am really a strong persons, mentally and physically. I handle situations, for better or worse, but I do it. I handled that particular situation well and look where I am now.

Sometimes you get too emotional and tend to become stubborn like a child. Looking forward how would you change your personality while being in such a situation?

Yes, that was a bit difficult. I'll make sure that it doesn't happen again. From now on, when I take a decision, I'll keep in mind my parents, my family, myself and that girl. Any decision I take for my career, will be a clearly thought out one.

So what's next! I am sure many offers must have poured in?

I haven’t really had a chance to talk about work with anyone yet. Nothing related to the work has come up; I have just come out of BB 17.

You and Munawar had a great bond and there was indeed a tough competition between both of you. Finally, Munawar won the title. Do you have jealous feelings?

I didn't have as many fans in the beginning. Now I see a lot of people are supporting me. It wasn't jealousy it was more a feeling of disappointment, and everyone goes through the feeling after losing. But I feel really happy for him. If it was someone else then I might have been a little jealous but Munawar winning the trophy made me happy.

Your aggressive nature was more evident. Rarely, your calm persona was seen in the show. Have you inherited the aggressive nature from dad?

Right now, I am like mom, being calm and respectful. Saying sorry with folded hands and kind nature, I have inherited form my mom. Mom is well-behaved with one and all. She is very nice and knows how to apologise for mistakes and maintain good relationship with people. But my father can’t control his aggression and he reveals it which I also do.

Lastly, you fought with those who supported you to come back to the BB house saying tum kaun ho …main aisa hi hoon.. Can you please elaborate on this?

If I came back into the house, you won't expect me to be calm or quiet. If I see something wrong, I'll openly speak about it. That’s my nature. If I change myself, the audience won't like it. People like me because of my raw behaviour. So I was trying to behave natural.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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