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Actress Suma Apologises for Controversial Remarks at Adikeshava Launch

Deccan Chronicle.| BVS Prakash

Published on: October 27, 2023 | Updated on: October 27, 2023
Anchor, Suma. (DC File Image)

Anchor, Suma. (DC File Image)

Telugu actress and television presenter Suma Kanakala found herself at the center of a controversy following remarks made during a recent event. Suma, while hosting the song launch event for the movie Adikeshava, playfully commented on media personnel and photographers enjoying snacks. Her comments did not sit well with some attendees, prompting them to seek an apology from her. 

Adikeshava, starring Panja Vaishnav Tej and Srileela, is directed by Srikanth Reddy. 

Suma later admitted that her comment may have been inconsiderate and clarified that it was intended as a light-hearted jest. She expressed her deep respect for the media community and acknowledged their valuable contributions. Suma emphasised her interactions with various people, likening them to an extended family, and offered her heartfelt apologies for any unintended offense.  In a message to media friends, she said, "Hello to all media friends. I understand that my comments at the event today may have bothered you. I sincerely apologise. I know how hard you work, and we have been traveling together for several years. I hope you can forgive me as a family person."

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