Chhavi Pandey, Shilpa Shirodkar in a cold war?

Buzz is that the situation has gone to the point where the two aren't even on talking terms.

Leading ladies of Silsila Pyaar Ka, Shilpa Shirodkar and Chhavi Pandey seem to be in a sticky situation. Buzz is that the situation has gone to the point where the two aren’t even on talking terms.

A source from the set reveals, “The moment you enter the set, it’s pretty obvious all’s not well between the two. Their insecurity over who is getting more screen time has turned things ugly.” And this war is making things difficult not just for the actresses, but for the show itself, the source reveals.


When contacted, the two actresses denied any news of friction altogether. Shilpa said, “We shoot about eight scenes everyday and this leaves very little time to have issues with people. After all these years, if I start having grudges with my co-actors, then I will have to call myself an amateur actress. And by the end of the day, I am rushing home to spend time with my daughter. Do you think I will have the space or even the strength to bother about a co-star?”

Chhavi too was quite forthcoming when confronted with the same question. “Shilpaji is a very sweet and grounded person. She is very experienced and senior to me. I can’t even dare compare myself with her. I really don’t know why people think we are having issues with each other. It’s absurd.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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