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Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Rathika and Shivaji get into a heated argument

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Published on: September 26, 2023 | Updated on: September 26, 2023
Rathika Rose is a small time actress who is contesting in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7.

Rathika Rose is a small time actress who is contesting in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7.

The seventh season of Bigg Boss Telugu has kicked off its fourth week with the intense nomination process, sparking heated tensions within the house. Monday's episode was dominated by intense drama surrounding the nominations. This week's nomination process was marked by fierce arguments, with Subha Sri and Rathika at the center of attention. Furthermore, Yawar and Gautam Krishna engaged in heated confrontations that nearly escalated to physical altercations. Yawar also found himself in a fiery dispute with Teja, venting his anger and frustration.

However, a surprising twist came in the form of a heated exchange between Rathika and Shivaji regarding an incident from a previous episode. Rathika expressed her hurt feelings over Shivaji's comment about clapping only when two hands are joined, a reference to Prashanth. She accused Shivaji of crossing a line with his remarks, igniting a major argument that became the talk of the house.

While Shivaji clarified that he had made the comment in a light-hearted manner, Rathika took it personally and questioned how it could be fair for him to comment on her character, especially when he had treated her like a daughter in the house. Shivaji was hurt by this and offered an apology to Rathika, but she didn't let the matter rest. She continued discussing it with others in the house, creating tension.

All these events suggest that Rathika is actively seeking to generate content for the week by engaging in a dispute with Sivaji within the house.


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