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New age of the bold and beautiful

Published Apr 25, 2017, 12:09 am IST
Updated Apr 25, 2017, 6:54 am IST
Surprisingly, off late, several actors are seen doing sexually explicit content for web series and short films without any inhibitions.
Shravan Reddy
 Shravan Reddy

Recently, actor Shravan Reddy had no qualms about pulling off a full monty for a short film titled Karma. His decision to shoot nude may have shocked audiences considering television actors often have the pressure to project a holier-than-thou image suitable for family viewing. Surprisingly, off late, several actors are seen doing sexually explicit content for web series and short films without any inhibitions. Is it because the money is such that they can’t refuse the offer or is it simply because there is little to no censorship in the Internet space. Industry insiders give us a lowdown:

Shravan Reddy on shooting naked for Karma:
My director explained to me the character’s state of mind and decisions he would make. Also, the film is targeted for an international audience, which is what made me agree to do such a risqué scene. As per the relevance of me going nude is concerned, the narrative was the driving force for my decision.


Ankit Gera, Actor:
It’s not always about money; sometimes an actor may want to do something different and challenging. After all, it’s just a character you play. However, some people in our country take it personally at times, which is not their fault. We are conditioned to take offence to anything that does not fit our criteria of being acceptable.

Karan Wahi, Actor:
Why an actor opts for this primarily depends on the actor himself. Making love on screen, for example, offends many in India. We have a habit of reprimanding Indian actors; while assuming that in the West it is acceptable. I feel that if there is a genuine need to show a character nude, I would do it; but if it is not that required then I would talk about it with the director.


Ridheema Tiwari, Actor:  
I feel actors should follow their heart. There are no rules in following your passion. Having no inhibitions in life gives an actor a larger playground to experiment. I don’t think it’s about money.  Being a TV personality doesn’t mean that one must restrict oneself.

Ramman Handa, producer of Karma:
These days, cinema has no boundaries and the audience has become intelligent. Whatever we show has to be relevant. Nothing can be forced just for the sake of showing. And, when an actor drops off his or her clothes for the camera, most often it’s the demand of the script. The web space has no censorship, which gives directors and actors a chance to explore and express without any hitch. But at the end of the day, it’s up to the audience on why they watch a particular show or why they don’t.