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BBT7: Intense Confrontations Between Contestants in House

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Published on: September 24, 2023 | Updated on: September 24, 2023

In a surprising twist, Damini recognized Amar as a "Safe Gamer" for his inability to be forthright with Priyanka.

The contestants braced themselves for the challenges and surprises that lay ahead.

The contestants braced themselves for the challenges and surprises that lay ahead.

The weekend episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 witnessed a blend of thrilling revelations and intense confrontations, as the show's charismatic host, Nagarjuna, delved deep into the minds and strategies of the housemates.

The episode kicked off on a lighter note, with the housemates engaging in lighthearted banter. They sought a respite after a week filled with intense tasks and emotions. However, Bigg Boss had a surprise in store. The contestants were treated to a spine-tingling trailer of an upcoming horror film on Hotstar, complete with special sound effects. The eerie trailer successfully sent shivers down their spines, providing an amusing break from their daily routines.

The episode's highlight was the revelation of the winner of the three-week immunity task. Priyanka, Prince, and Shobha had previously secured victories in various tasks, earning them a shot at this coveted immunity. Nagarjuna took a moment to appreciate Priyanka's courageous haircut as a symbol of her resolve. Then came the decisive question – did Bigg Boss assign an easier task to Priyanka compared to Amar? Shobha boldly stated that Amar's task was easy, with Sandeep and Amar himself agreeing. However, Shivaji chose to remain non-committal on this matter. With bated breath, the contestants awaited Nagarjuna's verdict. In a stunning twist, he declared Shobha as the winner of the immunity task, defeating Priyanka.

Known for his incisive questions, Nagarjuna grilled the housemates, peeling back layers to expose their true intentions and gameplay. Priyanka faced a barrage of queries regarding her shifting stance on Amar's worthiness as a contender. Nagarjuna revealed her changing opinions by sharing her private comments with all the housemates. Amar, too, faced scrutiny as Nagarjuna urged him to prioritize his own game over his friendship with Priyanka. Sandeep found himself in the hot seat, with Nagarjuna accusing him of interfering in the contenders' discussions, a role meant solely for the task's referee (Sanchalak). The majority of housemates echoed Nagarjuna's sentiment, asserting that Sandeep had failed as a referee this time.

Prashant had to answer for not adhering to the task's rules, and Prince was grilled for his tendency to overreact when criticized by fellow housemates. Nagarjuna also questioned Gowtham's shirtless workout routine, hinting at potential showboating. Amar's decision to steal Shivaji's Power Astra instead of focusing on the game was also scrutinized. Rathika's limited participation in the week's tasks led to her nomination for the red zone.

Nagarjuna turned the spotlight on the housemates, asking them to categorize each other as "Game Changers" or "Safe Gamers." Priyanka's gracious acknowledgment of Shobha's game-changing move won her praise, and she designated Shubhasree as a "Safe Gamer." Shubhasree hailed Prince as a "Game Changer," while identifying Teja as a "Safe Player." Prashant and Gowtham shared Shubhasree's sentiments, labeling Prince a "Game Changer" and Teja a "Safe Player." Rathika concurred.

In a surprising twist, Damini recognized Amar as a "Safe Gamer" for his inability to be forthright with Priyanka and bestowed the title of "Game Changer" upon Prince.

Prince, in turn, declared Damini a "Safe Gamer" for her kindness and non-confrontational stance. Amar diverged from the majority, naming Damini as a "Game Changer" and Rathika as a "Safe Player," although Nagarjuna expressed his disagreement. In the final verdict, Nagarjuna announced Prince as the "Game Changer" and Teja as the "Safe Gamer" based on the majority vote. Prince's popularity soared, marking a notable uptick in his journey on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7.

As the weekend episode concluded, the housemates reflected on Nagarjuna's probing questions and the ever-evolving dynamics of the house. They braced themselves for the challenges and surprises that lay ahead.

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