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Will start family after two years

Published Jul 24, 2017, 12:19 am IST
Updated Jul 24, 2017, 12:19 am IST
Indian wrestler, Geeta Phogat, and her husband, Pawan Kumar talk during the screening of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8.
Geeta Phogat, and her husband, Pawan Kumar
 Geeta Phogat, and her husband, Pawan Kumar

Popular Indian wrestler, Geeta Phogat, was spotted alongside her husband Pawan Kumar, also a wrestler, at the interaction session and special screening of season 8 of the reality TV show Khatron Ke Khiladi. While participating in the show, Geeta did not fear the animals or any challenges. However, she did fear performing just one stunt in particular. But the 28-year-old champ remained tight-lipped about this topic. If rumours are to be believed, it was the famous bull fight that scared Geeta out of her wits. “Well! I was not scared of animals nor do I fear heights. But to know what I may have feared while performing a particular stunt, you will have to wait and watch the show,” said the gold medallist. Excerpts from an interview: 

Q What were the highlights of the show? 
Geeta: Sab se pehle toh mujhe Rohit sir ki ankhon ko dekh kar dar lagta tha (I used to get scared looking at Rohit sir’s eyes). Whatever stunt we saw, we made presumptions about performing it in a particular manner, but it usually fell flat on the ground. 


Q Did you (Pawan) want Geeta to come back? 
Actually, I was sure that Geeta would be back in 10 days. So I told her, “You have failed to keep your promise to come back within 10 days. You were unable to get proper sleep there.” She would cry and complain about being unhappy as she was unable to practice wrestling. I did request her to come back.

Q Did you miss your wife?
Yes! I missed her so much that I refused to stay at home for long periods of time. I would go away to the akhada for the Indian Wrestling Camp. I passed most of my time there.


Q What are the three things that you like in your husband? 
He is very shy. He treats me like a child and keeps me like a princess. People in love may make promises saying that ‘I will die for you… blah blah…’, but I know he really loves me from the bottom of his heart. I like his child-like nature.  My husband always does things to please me.

Q When would you (Geeta) like to start a family? 
I have to start with my training now. After the release of Dangal, I have not participated in any wrestling competition. So it is needless to say that I want to participate in any wrestling competitions. About our family, we prefer to start after two years’ time, for sure!


Q What about you (Pawan)? What are the things you adore about Geeta? 
Her child-like behaviour and her jokes. She cares for my well-being. She treats everyone with equal respect. Ours is not superficial love – humara dil ka rishta hai (we share a deep and special bond). After she has started working in the field of glitz and glamour, I trust her and I am not insecure at all. I know she can never leave me or live without me.