We don’t need a reason to laugh, says Meera

Published Jul 24, 2016, 1:22 am IST
Updated Jul 24, 2016, 6:48 am IST
Dubbed as one of the television’s cutest couples, Udaan’s Meera Deosthale and Paras Arora tell us what makes their chemistry so special.
Meera Deosthale and Paras Arora
 Meera Deosthale and Paras Arora

The lead couple of Udaan Sapnon Ki, Meera Deosthale and Paras Arora, has been together on television only for a short while. But the duo, playing Chakor and Vivaan, has already captured the fancy of the audience and have come up as one of the TV’s most adorable couples.

And adding to the on-screen chemistry is the couple’s equation off the screen. In a freewheeling chat, Meera and Paras tell us what makes them tick.


So how did the ice break when you guys met for the first time?
Meera: We first met during the look test. I was busy shooting and he dropped by on the set. Our pictures were clicked together that was it. We didn’t talk at all that day.
Paras: Yes, we didn’t speak  when we first met. We only greeted each other while we were being introduced. The ice broke only after 2-3 days and then we started talking to each other. The conversation made us a little comfortable and soon we ended up clicking selfies!

Was it awkward filming the romantic scenes initially?
Meera: Yes, I was very shy. I used to keep blushing. So filming romantic scenes was quite awkward for me initially. But gradually things eased out.
Paras: Of course it was little awkward for both of us but she was more uncomfortable than I was in the beginning. She used to laugh endlessly between scenes and hinder the shoot, but thankfully, after a few sequences things fell in place.

So, what makes your on screen chemistry work?
Meera: Comfort level with Paras and our friendship with each other. He is a cool guy. He goes out of his way to make things easy for me.
Paras: The friendship we have developed over time has boosted our comfort level big time. Now people are really liking our chemistry.  

Who is a better co-star among the two of you ? How many times have you burst out laughing while filming a scene ?
Meera: We laugh a lot. It’s difficult sometimes to look into each other’s eyes and perform. We don’t really need a reason to laugh. It could be any topic and we would end up laughing hysterically.  
Paras: Yeah! A lot of times. In fact, we are quite a nuisance on the sets. (Laughs).

A scene that has made its way to your heart?
Meera: First time when Chakor meets her mom and the scene where she says ‘I love you’ to Vivaan. These scenes were special.
Paras: The scene in which Vivaan gets withdrawal symptoms (after quitting drugs). It was quite challenging for me to perform, so it’s one of my favourites. Also, a few romantic scenes with Chakor are close to my heart.

One thing you like and dislike about each other?
Meera: I like his compassionate nature. The only thing I don’t like is that he likes to sleep a lot between takes!
Paras: She is very caring towards everyone and she’s very hard working too. I like that about her. I dislike the fact that she falls a lot on the set. (Laughs).

Any interesting fan comment on your Jodi that’s caught your eye ?
Meera: That we should date. (Laughs).
Paras: That they find our jodi to be the cutest of all jodis on TV.

Who is the crazier among the two of you?
Meera: Paras!
Paras: That’s true.

Who is the jagga jasoos of the set who gets all the gossip?
Meera: My onscreen sister Imli aka Vidhi Pandya is the jagga jasoos on the set.
Paras: Yes, Vidhi is clearly the jagga jasoos of the lot.

Rapid Fire Questions

Your favourite corner on the set:
Meera: The garden.
Paras: My make-up room.

Your favourite food on the set:
Meera: Chai, biscuit and the butter chakli that Paras gets for me.
Paras: Coffee and biscuits, that’s all I have on set because I carry my own food.

Your 2 am buddy on set:
Meera: Paras and Vinny (Tina from Udaan)
Paras: Meera.

Your favourite line on the set:
Meera: ‘Aage kya hoga?’ (Laughs).
Paras: ‘Sab theek ho jayega’, to console everyone (Laughs).

Your wildest fantasy:
Meera: To get lost on an island with someone I love.
Paras: That’s a little personal. (Laughs).

Your dream date:
Meera: To go on a cruise with the man of my dreams.
Paras: Candle-light dinner on a private beach with some good music.

Your first crush:
Meera: There was this boy in my school that I liked and later I even dated him while in school.
Paras: My class teacher in 4th standard. (Laughs).