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Amulya Gowda: The cute vamp turns girl-next-door

Published Nov 23, 2017, 12:07 am IST
Updated Nov 23, 2017, 12:07 am IST
Amulya Gowda
 Amulya Gowda

This Mysuru beauty popularly known as Hitha was the lead in Aramane with a negative shade. The cutest vamp, as many fondly call her, Amulya Gowda has slowly made a mark on the small screen! The actress made her debut four years ago in serials Swati Muttu, and Punar Vivaha before Aramane. Amulya speaks with Bengaluru Chronicle about her telly journey, and why she has decided not to take up vamp roles in the future even as she eagerly awaits the right script and banner to make her silver screen debut.

“It was during my student days pursuing a diploma in computer science that a friend recommended a TV venture. I had earlier participated in a reality game show Yariguntu Yarigilla, so it was not that I aspired to become an actress. Fortunately, opportunity knocked at the right time. Since then, there has been no looking back. My parents supported me and without them, the journey would not have been fruitful,” says Amulya Gowda.

As an actress, whether it is films or TV ventures, she feels it is ultimately the fame and popularity that matters. One needs to work hard to achieve success, and also be patient, She recalls that when she started, it was tough but four years of continuous work and dedication has earned her the much-needed recognition. Amulya has a huge fan following thanks to her vamp avatar in Aramane but she has decided not to take up such roles in the future. “One of the main negative aspects of portraying such roles is that many take it personally. I enjoyed playing Hitha, though often times, people/audience get angry at us for being mean to positive characters. I decided not to repeat such a negative character for a different reason. My own team members from the serials feel that I do not have a negative look, and a young girl’s role suits me better,” says Amulya.

About her silverscreen entry, Amulya has been getting offers but she does not want to do just any film, and is waiting for the right script, and banner to kick-start her filmi journey. “It also requires a bit of luck,” she adds. With her almost one-and-a-half year ‘stay’ in Aramane, Amulya is gearing up to take Tamil and Telugu serials next. “With commitment and packed work schedules, there is hardly any time to take up multiple projects. Sometimes, the number of days off vary, but with offers from Tamil and Telugu serials, I think it’s the right time to take up new ones,” Amulya says.

Despite enrolling into gym a year ago, she is yet to start training because of time constraints, as when does get some time off, she ensures she spends it with her family and friends. So how does she stay in shape? Eating healthy is her mantra.



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