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Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava: Better together

Published Apr 23, 2017, 12:04 am IST
Updated Apr 23, 2017, 2:34 am IST
Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava talk about why their marriage is a match made in heaven.
Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava
 Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava

Their marriage has weathered many storms but Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava have only emerged stronger. The speculations have been put to rest after their relationship stood the test of time. Today, it is easy to see why Karan and Ankita are truly made for each other. In a free wheeling chat, the couple talks about their intriguing love story and more. Edited excerpts from the interview:

Karan, your marriage is a classic case of reel turning into real, given how your onscreen father-in-law became your real father in law...
Karan: I think this is the first case where the groom met his father-in-law two years even before he could meet his bride! It wasn’t planned. This is destiny that made it happen. I have a lot to thank my co-star and father-in-law Abhay Bhargava for. He played a crucial role in changing my life for the better by giving my Ankita.


Karan, nobody would have imagined that you would settle for an arranged match…
Karan: Well the wildest stallions have proven to be the winning ones provided the right person handles them and Ankita is the ideal one for me. She makes my world perfect. Her calming nature keeps the balance in my life.

Ankita, did his decision to marry you also take you by surprise?
Ankita: In retrospect, I think both of us surprised ourselves by deciding to marry in a span of just 1.5 hours. I was not even looking for a match and had a long list about who’s going to be my partner. But it was meant to be — we let our guards down immediately. I was shocked when the rishta was sent to my house. We had never met previously, so I was shocked!


Yours was an instance of pat mangni jhat byaah union. How did you guys deal with it?
Karan: Well the world knows, I am a filmy at heart, aur jab zindagi ki manzil hi film karna hai, toh shuruvaat shaadi se hi kyu na ki jaye. Our wedding really was an occasion to remember.   
Ankita: Surprisingly, we were both counting down until the wedding day. We were to be married 55 days after our roka. He was neck deep with Nach Baliye and Gumarah soon after the roka apart from his daily show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. So I had to be involved in the wedding from both sides. I remember sitting and making his guest list as well. We have a big joint family so everything went smoothly.  


So when did cupid finally strike in this case?  
Karan: We didn’t even realise we had fallen for each other when we met. It was like two pieces in a puzzle who were waiting to get together. The cupid struck us from the word ‘go’. But if I had to put a finger on it, it would be when I proposed marriage to Ankita. So much so that we couldn’t wait for May 3! We were thinking of running away together and getting married as soon as possible!

What convinced you that you are made for each other?
Karan: The heart doesn’t need a reason, it is the mind that needs to be convinced. And in our case, the heart will always rule.
Ankita: It was very organic, everything was right. Life felt better and brighter. As cliché as it sounds, ghanti baji thi. That was it!


Have there been moments when you felt you aren’t giving enough space to each other and if so how do you maintain the balance?
Ankita: No, not at all. I think we are one of those couples who let each other be. We have different sets of friends. We meet our circle of friends at least twice a week — just like we used to before marriage. We do different things. We let each other grow as people. I like watching plays, films and going out for coffees — something which Karan doesn’t enjoy as much.

Your marriage has been under constant media scrutiny with speculations about trouble in paradise. Did it take a toll on your relationship at any point?
Karan: Not at all. It did affect our extended families but with our immediate family members, the rumour didn’t even come up. In fact, all these speculations made us want to become stronger with each passing day. I guess people who keep fuelling rumours should just accept the fact that nothing can
break us.


Is there a special gesture you two did for each other that made you smile?
Karan: I feel that marrying her was the most special thing. I also like that she understands and comforts me. This is allowed our relationship to grow. I really can’t pinpoint.
Ankita: He’s not a coffee person but this one morning in he woke up, made me breakfast and coffee before I could leave for a shoot.

You must be having your share of arguments what triggers the fight in your case?
Karan: I can’t think of any. She is perfect and I guess that could be the reason for our argument because I am not that perfect.  
Ankita: I guess it would be him playing Candy Crush, and his inability to say no to people for anything!


Is Karan a demanding husband, Ankita?
Ankita: Not at all but yes, he is possessive in a very loving way. I like it. He makes me feel loved and wanted all the time.

Rapid Fire
Endearing names you use for each other.
Karan: I call her Guds
Ankita: Jaan, Babu, Baby and Shona

Your most memorable date:
Karan : Sun n Sand in Mumbai on her birthday. It’s the same place we met for the first time ever.
Ankita : My birthday last year. He took me to Mount Mary Church, Mumbai.

Your favourite holiday destination
Karan : London, hands down!
Ankita : London


Song you keep humming for each other:
Karan: Hahaha! I sing the most ghati numbers all the time. She takes her pick!
Ankita : Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi yunhi nahi dil lubhata koi.