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Here's all about Nikita Varma's motivating journey to success

Published Aug 22, 2019, 2:05 pm IST
Updated Aug 22, 2019, 2:05 pm IST
Nikita wants to achieve more success and give more to the masses through her quality content.
Nikita Varma.
 Nikita Varma.

Nikita Varma always wanted to be a journalist, blogging was never on the cards for  her. She has done her graduation & masters in Mass Communication and Journalism.

When she was working for the TOI app, one fine day she came across a few food bloggers while searching for some content for her story.


After that, somehow, it became a daliy routine for Nikita to check Instagram for just food pictures and that's when she started following a lot of food bloggers; who inspired Nikita to create her own page.

Nikita really wanted to keep some fancy name for the blog & this was the best name she could relate to; as she has always been around good food and foodies since her childhood! Her mom is a great cook and all her family members are big time foodies, which has only made food an essential part of Nikita's life.

As for Nikita's preference towards food, it totally depends on the place, occassion & ofcourse the kind of food or cuisine. She has no hard and fast rules. Sometimes, she loves going out to a fancy place with family and friends. Otherwise, she sticks to good coffee shops or cafes with a good ambience. But, when it comes to street food, Nikita is a little specific, she doesn't try it everywhere & anywhere.


It has been a difficult journey for Nikita to make everyone understand what actually her work is all about and how she earn's money. Most people assume that she just clicks pictures of food and posts them; which is in reality just 10% of Nikita's work. The most challenging part is creating something unique for different kind of audiences & it's the most challenging part of her work.

As many people in India are still unaware of this profession hence it becomes a little difficult to work at times.

The competition is high. Almost every other person is trying to become an 'influencer' or 'Blogger'.
But she feels that people aren't clear with their definitions. It isn't just about posting on Instagram, one should know how to write and should be well versed about the trends and the cuisines.


Undoubtly, there is alot of competition in the market for Nikita, but she believes in her content. She tries to bring variations, according to the requirement of her followers and trends. She also travels to bring something unique to her followers. Infact, she has recently come up with her YouTube Channel too, where she is planning to create content not just around food but also about her life.

Nikita also shares, that everyone asks her how does she manages to stay fit even after eating out every other day. She manages her diet by having the simplest food when she's at home.


Nikita always tells her followers through her social media posts that it's very important to balance your diet & work out every day.

Nikita's work schedule is fixed; she tries to visit restaurants atleast thrice a week to create content. Followers want relatable or unique content to go through, and keeping them hooked to it with unique content is the real challenge.

Nikita believes that even today it's very difficult to take up such an unconventional career option in India. Nikita is thankful for a lot of people who have been there to help her during tough times. Luckily, Nikita's mom & sister have always had her back, they have helped her from cooking to shooting videos or even accompany her at events. Her dad too has been very supportive in terms of me taking up this unconventional career.


One of Nikita's friends, Kirtivardhan has always supported & motivated her. She also has her team, which has played a major part in her journey.

Nikita wants to achieve more success in the food blogging field and give more to the masses through her quality content.