Vikram is the most notorious guy on the set: Shivani Surve

In a candid chat, TV's it' couple Shivani Surve and Vikram Singh Chauhan tell us what makes them tick.

The crackling chemistry between the lead pair of the recently launched show Jana Na Dil Se Door easily gives away the fact that Vikram Singh Chauhan and Shivani Surve have hit it off big time as co-stars.

In fact, the bond between the two actors has become a talking point on the sets among the crew and cast members who think the couple could be more than just friends. The equation between the two actors, both on and off screen, has made them a sizzling new jodi on the tube. In a chat, the couple tell us what makes them a hit on the screen.

So, how did you break the ice when you first met on the sets?
Vikram: We met during our mock shoot the very first time. My first impression was that she was a bit reserved, so didn’t talk much. I am someone who likes to discuss my scenes before I shoot, so I just went to her and started discussing the scene. After talking to her I discovered she’s just like me and we ended up becoming friends from the very first day.
Shivani: We broke the ice when we started talking about the scenes. And Vikram is a great guy and it is said that when you have a good working partner half of your life is sorted. Vikram was truly my backbone throughout the shoot.

So, what makes your on screen chemistry work?
Vikram: The detailed discussion about the sequence we are shooting helps a lot. I think it is an important reason for our chemistry to work. In addition to this we also try to do workshops before the difficult scenes.
Shivani: I think the main reason for our on screen chemistry is our off-screen friendship. We are very good friends and absolutely comfortable with each other. There aren’t any ego clashes and the strong bond we share shows on the screen.

Was filming the romantic scenes awkward at any point?
Vikram: Not really because we discuss each and every scene in detail before we shoot. So when a romantic scene is already discussed and rehearsed there is no possibility of feeling awkward. And moreover, we have only had two or three romantic scenes till now and those were not very intimate.
Shivani: Also, we had become very good friends by the time romance came into the storyline. The comfort level was already high so there wasn’t any awkwardness. Moreover, it is our job to do what the story demands so we are
mentally prepared for it.

What’s your best scene so far?
Vikram: A scene shot in Sambar Lake. In the scene, I had to jump into the lake to find Shivani’s anklet. I had to learn swimming for that one scene. It made it to my heart because it helped me learn a new skill.
Shivani: When I tell Atharva (Vikram’s character) that he doesn’t have a father. That was a very emotional scene. It literally pushed me to the limits. I think performing it will always remain special.

What’s the one thing you like and dislike about each other?
Vikram: She is a good co-star and a friend, no egos and easy to work with. I like that about her. Honestly, there is nothing that I dislike about her because it’s been only two months since we know each other.
Shivani: I like his dedication towards work. For each and every scene he likes to discuss and rehearse. As for dislikes, there are none.

What’s your off-screen equation?
Vikram: We are good friends.
Shivani: No, we are great friends!

Has there been any interesting fan comment on your jodi that’s caught your ear?
Vikram: A fan messaged me telling me that I have to marry Shivani as soon as possible because her mother loves our jodi. The comment made my day. It was kind of sweet. Maybe I should think about the idea seriously. (Laughs)
Shivani: A fan messaged me once asking me not to get romantically involved with Vikram as he doesn’t like him. I found it different and interesting.

Who is the crazier among the two of you?
Vikram: That has to be me, because I like to play pranks on the crew.
Shivani: Of course Vikram! He is the most notorious guy on the set.

Where are you most likely to be found during breaks on the set ?
Vikram: It’s either on the sets of Sadda Haq or Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi because they are placed just next to our set and I have many friends there.
Shivani: In my make up room on the sets.

So, who gets all the gossip?
Vikram: Neither. I don’t gossip and shockingly, even Shivani doesn’t.
Shivani: We stay away from gossiping about people.

Rapid fire
Your favourite food on the set ?
Vikram: Home food.
Shivani: I’m very diet conscious. I avoid the set food.

Your 2 am buddy?
Vikram: Shivani.
Shivani: Vikram.

Things you cannot do without on the set ?
Vikram: My cellphone and my script copy.
Shivani: Make-up.

Your favourite line on the set ?
Vikram: Pankha Chalu Karo Bhai.
Shivani: Packup kab hoga?

What’s your idea of a dream date?
Shivani: With Salman Khan.
Vikram: Taking my mother to some beautiful place for dinner would be a dream date for me.

Your first crush?
Vikram: She was in my school but now she’s married and has two kids.
Shivani: One of my college seniors.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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