Anu Poovamma: A cuteypie from Coorg

Hers is a journey from films to television. Now Anu Poovamma will essay a lead role in the tele-serial Muddu Lakshmi.

Many aspire to take up acting and have dreams of entering the glamourous world of entertainment. Yet, most prefer taking small steps in to television before venturing onto the silver screen. This beautiful Coorg lass who hails from the small town of Virajpet tread a bold path — from working at a reputed IT firm, she quit her job for modelling, and eventually got into movies before she recently signed up for the tele-serial Muddu Lakshmi to learn the art of acting in detail. Actress Anu Poovamma speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle about her unique journey, and her role in her debut TV soap, her silver screen projects including a film in Tamil and Telugu, and more.

“I come from the small town of Virajpet in Coorg. Though a lot of artists from Coorg have so far ventured into films and modelling, my initial love was more for sports. I was never so conscious about glamour, and after I finished my studies from Mangaluru University, I started working as a HR manager with IBM. However, I eventually chose acting,” says Anu Poovamma.

With an already settled professional career, she was often asked on whether she was a model prior to her HR job which pushed her to take up movies and modelling, simultaneously. Anu has acted in Kannada movies like Karva, Katha Vichitra, Life Super, Pani Puri and a bilingual Anjali Papa which is being made in both Kannada and Tamil. She also has a Telugu project in her kitty, apart from her ongoing debut tele-serial venture Muddu Lakshmi on Star Suvarna where she plays one of the main leads as the protagonist.

“Before venturing into entertainment, I was often asked whether I was a model. This is when my interest grew, and I quit my job and started modelling, and working in films simultaneously. Fortunately, most of the films I chose were critically appreciated. However, I did face hiccups initially dealing with different kinds of people and the difference in the work atmosphere away from the corporate world. But now, I feel comfortable and do not regret taking that big decision,” Anu says. Despite making a breakthrough in films and having a successful modelling career, she explains that her decision to take up TV projects was for a greater purpose. “TV these days is as good as movies, and more importantly it is like an institution where one gets to learn the art in detail for a longer period of time. Movies are quite quick in making but TV though slow, is faster in its approach with different dimensions of performances involved. I also wanted to perfect my Kannada as my mother tongue is Coorgi.”

In her debut TV venture Muddu Lakshmi, Anu likes its bold subject which is also the need of the hour — focusing on the existence of racism. She plays one of two girls — the other one being her sister (in the serial) who is darker in appearance while Anu essays the fair maiden. “It is a neatly webbed tale which throws light on how racist attitudes still persist in society. I am glad to be a part of this first of a kind show on TV,” she adds. Before signing off, Anu reveals that she took up acting even without informing her parents, and her family members were later shocked about the decision. “Now, they are happy with my decision and are living with me in Bengaluru, supporting my career,” she smiles.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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