Two of a kind: On screen love-hate relationship of Sharad Kelkar and Aahana Kumra

Published Apr 17, 2016, 12:26 am IST
Updated Apr 17, 2016, 12:26 am IST
Sharad Kelkar and Aahana Kumra tell us that their cracking love-hate relationship on the show is a result of their friendship off screen
Sharad Kelkar and Aahana Kumra
 Sharad Kelkar and Aahana Kumra

The chemistry between Sharad Kelkar and Aahana Kumra is becoming a talking point among audiences ever since Agent Raghav — Crime Branch went live. So it’s no surprise that the makers have roped in the stars for the second season as well. In a freewheeling chat, Aahana and Sharad tells us what makes their pair a rage on TV. Excerpts:

So, how did you guys break the ice when you met each other?
Aahana: Before we could start shooting for the show, the cast held a team meeting where Sharad was also present. He was polite and didn’t come with any baggage — a quality that is rare, given his experience in the industry. Our conversation, though sporadic, was spontaneous.
Sharad: Aahana has been a theatre person earlier. A colleague she worked with happens to be a friend of mine so we had a lot of common things to talk about.


Was it awkward filming romantic scenes at any point?
Aahana: We have never really had a full-blown romantic scene. Plus, it doesn’t really go with the show since we share a love-hate relationship.
Sharad: We had these light breezy moments through the show. There was no awkwardness while shooting.

So, what makes your on-screen chemistry work?
Aahana: The spontaneity that we bring into our characters is what makes our chemistry work. We keep in mind that we are officers and hence we cannot go overboard with emotions.
Sharad: She is a good actress and that’s what makes our chemistry work.

 How many times have you burst out laughing while filming a scene?
Aahana: There are a lot of times when we are just looking at each other in a scene, including serious scenes, and we burst out laughing. Most of our scenes require us to look serious but our “inside jokes” scenes make it difficult for us to keep a straight face.
Sharad: We are mostly jovial on the sets while shooting our scenes, but when Jason Tham joins us, the two of us can’t stop laughing.

Is there any particular scene that’s made its way to your heart so far?
Aahana: For the second episode, there was a scene where both of us were being teased. The scene was actually a hint to the audience that both of us will be romantically paired.
Sharad: There was an episode where a baby gets kidnapped. When that baby came to the sets, he was barely a month old. That episode was special for me.

Is there any scene that’s made you go “Oh I wish I had done it better”?
Aahana: There are a lot of scenes. When I go back and take a look at an episode, I come up with a million ways of how I could have performed it better. But we are always on a time crunch since we have to shoot at 30 different locations. So now I’ve just stopped thinking about it.
Sharad: This is something that comes to my mind after shooting every scene.

What is the one thing you like and dislike about each other?
Aahana: I like the energy he brings on the sets. I dislike the fact that he is so busy with work that he finds very little time to chill with us.
Sharad: She is a fun loving person and it is essential since we are shooting with each other round the clock. I dislike her habit of doing touch up after every shot. In fact, I keep pulling her leg about it.

What’s your off-screen equation like?
Aahana: We hang out together a lot of times and even attend parties. He is so fond of his daughter that he keeps showing us her videos. We share a rapport off screen as well.
Sharad: We are quite pally. I think it is because she is a boy at heart (laughs).

Is there any interesting fan comment on your jodi that’s caught your eye?
Aahana: There is this hashtag on Twitter #Ratri (a combination Raghav and Trisha, their on-screen names). They want us to be a couple — that’s cute.
Sharad: We keep getting collages on Twitter and some of them are funny.

Where are you most likely to be found during breaks on the set?
Aahana: I sleep or watch movies with the other team members in the vanity van — we have made it our home now.
Sharad: Chatting with the team or watching TV in my vanity van.

So, who is the jagga jasoos between the two of you?
Aahana: Sharad usually has all the gossip. Then he comes and shares it with us.
Sharad: Nobody is talking behind each other’s back here, so none of us need to be a jagga jasoos on set.

Are there any annoying habits or secrets you would like to reveal about each other?
Aahana: Sharad needs to reduce his smoking, otherwise he is very cool.
Sharad: She knows everyone, and everyone knows her. For example, there was a guy from New Zealand that one of us knew and surprisingly she knew him too!