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We share a very good equation: Simran Pareenja

Published Aug 14, 2016, 12:47 am IST
Updated Aug 14, 2016, 12:54 am IST
The stars of Kaala Teeka, Rohan and Simran, talk about what makes their onsceen chemistry click, despite their opposite natures.
Their off-screen friendship has definitely given a push to the onscreen chemistry, and now the couple is counted as one of the cutest pairs on the tube.
 Their off-screen friendship has definitely given a push to the onscreen chemistry, and now the couple is counted as one of the cutest pairs on the tube.

They may be like chalk and cheese but the vibe they give out, as an on-screen couple has won quite a few hearts. Leading man Rohan Gandotra has managed to create a good rapport with his co-star Simran Pareenja, despite her introverted nature.

Their off-screen friendship has definitely given a push to the onscreen chemistry, and now the couple is counted as one of the cutest pairs on the tube.


In a candid chat, this Kaala Teeka jodi tells us what makes them a hit:

So how did the ice break when you guys met for the first time on the set?
Rohan: I am very talkative by nature so I initiated the conversation. After that, there was no looking back. I somehow managed to win over Simran’s trust.
Simran: To be frank, I’m an introvert; so I didn’t speak much at first. I just remember formally greeting each other. At this point in time, we share a very good equation and the credit of that certainly goes to Rohan.

Was it awkward initially filming the romantic scenes?
Rohan: No, it wasn’t awkward. Both of us are professionals. When the camera rolls we perform without thinking about inhibitions. Also we haven’t done any intimate, romantic scenes so far.
Simran: For me, it was little awkward because I’m reserved by nature. Then again, it’s acting and once I get into
character it’s simple and easy.

So, what makes your onscreen chemistry work?
Rohan: We both try our level best to be perfect for every shot, which eventually showcases our onscreen chemistry.
Simran: We try and make each other comfortable and give each other time to react and improvise while performing the scene.

Who is a better co-star among the two of you?
Rohan: I guess I’m the better co-star (laughs). I make an effort to reach out to her.
Simran: It’s me. I’m much more sincere and serious than him.

How many times have you burst out laughing while filming a scene?
Rohan: We have a lot of fun during shoots. I keep cracking jokes making it difficult for her to keep a straight face.
Simran: Rohan’s silly jokes make me laugh even when I don’t want to.

So who takes more retakes?
Rohan: I take the maximum number of retakes. I keep making mistakes while delivering my lines.
Simran: We both need a few takes but Rohan fumbles a lot while mouthing his lines so he is the one taking maximum re-takes.

Any particular scene that’s made its way to your heart so far?
Rohan: It’s the scene where I confront Kali about the truth behind the voice. It was an emotional scene. I had a rough time performing it. It made me push myself and so it’s close to my heart.
Simran: The best scene, for me, would be the one where I’m in love with Yug but still try to convince him to be with Gauri while hiding my own feelings for him. Performing it was a task. But I had a great time.

Any scene that’s made you go “I wish I had done it better”?
Rohan: I think every scene can be done better after shooting it. I feel there is always a scope for improvement in whatever you do.
Simran: There is a sequence where Yug is imagining about me while he is dancing with Gauri. I think that I could have done it better by smiling more and being more expressive.

Tell us about one thing you like about each other and one thing you dislike.
Rohan: I like her eyes they are very beautiful. I dislike her introvert nature. She is very quiet and I feel that she needs to open up more.
Simran: He has got a lovely face with great features and dimples. I honestly don’t dislike anything but I really think he should put on some weight.

Who is the crazier among the two of you?
Rohan: I’m crazier than her, as I keep jumping and joking around throughout the day.
Simran: I think it’s me.

So, who is the jagga jasoos of the set who gets all the gossip?
Rohan: None of us, because we are not that interested in gossip.
Simran: I think Fenil (Umrigar) is the jasoosni on our set.

Rapid Fire
Your favourite food on the sets:

Rohan: Chicken curry.
Simran: I prefer eating home-cooked food, which I get most of the days.

Your 2 am buddy on the sets:
Rohan: Meenu (Sharmila) my sister
Simran: The associate creative, Archana.
Things you cannot do without on the sets:
 Rohan: The AC.
 Simran: I cannot do without the AC, some books to read and my cell phone.
Your favourite line on the sets:
 Rohan: Pack up karlo na yaar.
 Simran: I have quite a few lines I like, such as, ‘ready ready ready, chalo shot le lo, ek chutti de do.’
Your stress buster on the set
Rohan: I get my own speakers and
laptop to relax.
Simran: Music.
Your wildest fantasy:
 Rohan: I want to go to Santorini, Greece, with my date.
 Simran: I want to make out in a haunted place.
Your dream date:
 Rohan: Deepika Padukone.
 Simran: Ranveer Singh.
Your first crush:
Rohan: Mom.
 Simran: A nerd from my class.