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Law will protect me: Kamal Haasan in response to calls for his arrest

Published Jul 13, 2017, 1:22 am IST
Updated Jul 13, 2017, 10:10 am IST
Kamal Haasan has made his TV debut with 'Bigg Boss Tamil.'
 Kamal Haasan has made his TV debut with 'Bigg Boss Tamil.'

Chennai: “I am a law abiding person and have belief in the legal system of our country. And law will protect me”, Kamal Haasan sharply reacted at a hurriedly called press conference to Hindu Makkal Katchi’s demand to arrest him for hosting the Bigg Boss show on a TV channel.

Reacting to a question on Bigg Boss tarnishing Tamil culture, he said, “If cricket is so imperative to people,  entertaining shows like Bigg Boss are also important.”

Apparently he was referring to cheer girls who are part of cricket series.
Adding further he said, “The same Hindu supporters hailed me when I made Dasavatharam, but it was a different stand when Vishwaroopam was released. I am not finding fault with them, after all they are also fans.”

The veteran actor said he has been misquoted on his GST remarks. “I did agree that GST should be reduced and they did it. If anything is against people, I will raise my voice against my government.”

When asked as to why he is not doing a show like Satyameva Jayate, which is socially, inclined, he said, “I have been doing it for the last 37 years through my Narpani Mandram.”

On Malayalam actress being sexually assaulted and an actor being arrested in connection with it he said, “That’s the respect I have on the law of our nation. I certainly support the victim.”

Speaking about Rajinikanth entering politics, the 62-year-old actor says, “If he starts a political party and if it functions judicially, I will appreciate. On the other hand, if something goes wrong, I will definitely raise my voice.”

Being a responsible position, can’t he stop some of the uncouth words used in Bigg Boss? “I am a person who says that censors should not be there even for cinema. Go and see the society you live-in, they speak filthier than this. What is being done to that? No one can stop that!”

With respect to alleged degrading Tamizh Thai Vazhthu in the show he said, “No, we did not do that. Half of the contestants don’t know Tamil well. They have been taught Tamil Thai Vazhthu. Can you pronounce properly and sing our national anthem which is in Bengali correctly when you are taught?”



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