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BBTT7: Priyanka, Sandeep Eye Immunity Privilege

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Published on: September 9, 2023 | Updated on: September 9, 2023

Day 5 was rife with drama and twists, setting the stage for an intense competition within the Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu house.

Audiences have to wait to see which contestant will get eliminated in the first week.

Audiences have to wait to see which contestant will get eliminated in the first week.

In the Bigg Boss house, offering a blend of surprises, pranks, and a high-stakes battle for the coveted Power Astra, promising five weeks of immunity. The day's events added to the entertainment and left both housemates and viewers wide-eyed.

Impress the Bigg Boss Task Continues:
The 'Impress the Bigg Boss' task, initiated the previous day, continued with new twists and challenges. Damini and Kiran were assigned the peculiar task of making an omelet for Bigg Boss by cracking eggs on the heads of their fellow housemates.

However, the seasoned housemates quickly recognized this as a task. Kiran successfully completed the challenge, but Damini couldn't quite crack it. Bigg Boss later declared Shivaji and Rathika as the winners of the task, which left the audience and housemates somewhat puzzled about these selections.

Rathika's charismatic presence in the house seemed to have captured hearts especially that of Prashant, who showed signs of affection towards her. Other male contestants also competed for her attention. However, Rathika clarified to Shubhasree that she considered Prashant merely a good friend, while Shubhasree hinted that Prashant might have deeper feelings.

Shakeela's Prank:
Shakeela, who had been somewhat reserved initially, started participating in lighthearted banter and gossip with fellow housemates. However, her behavior took an unexpected turn when she claimed to sense an invisible presence and abruptly woke up from sleep. Teja, Shivaji, and Damini were seen consoling her.

It later turned out that Shakeela and Shivaji had orchestrated a prank on the house, leaving Damini and Kiran less than amused.

Power Astra Battle Heats Up:
The race for the Power Astra, offering five weeks of immunity, intensified among contestants who had won previous tasks: Priyanka, Rathika, Shivaji, and Sandeep. Bigg Boss assigned the remaining housemates the challenging task of deciding the least deserving candidate among these four.

The majority of housemates voted for either Shivaji or Rathika, expressing confusion about their previous wins. This led to heated arguments within the house, with Shivaji clashing with Gowtham, and Damini and Rathika having their disagreements.

In the end, Shivaji and Rathika were disqualified from the Power Astra race due to receiving the highest number of votes. Priyanka and Sandeep emerged as the contenders who would continue to vie for this extraordinary immunity privilege in the upcoming tasks.

Day 5 was rife with drama and twists, setting the stage for an even more intense competition in the days ahead within the Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu house.


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