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The lovebirds people love to hate

Published Apr 10, 2016, 12:48 am IST
Updated Apr 10, 2016, 12:48 am IST
Sonali Nikam and Rohit Bharadwaj’s on-screen intimacy was a tough pill to swallow for the audience.
The actors in still from Aadhe Adhoore
 The actors in still from Aadhe Adhoore

Jassi and Viren’s unconventional relationship in Aadhe Adhoore may have raised eyebrows and even though viewers weren’t entirely in favour of their bold, intimate onscreen encounters, they gave the chemistry a thumbs-up. And it was only a matter of time that actors Sonali Nikam and Rohit Bharadwaj got their due share of popularity.

In an informal chat, the on-screen pair that the audience loves to hate tells us about their journey and the love-hate relationship they enjoy with the loyal viewers of the show.


So, how did the ice break when you guys met the first time on the set?
Rohit: I saw her first on the first day of the pilot shoot of the show. She was wearing a fabulous long gown. I was mesmerised — it was like love at first sight.
Sonali: When I first saw him on day one, I thought of him as a really passionate and serious actor. After that it wasn’t really difficult to break the ice. We got talking.

Was it awkward filming romantic scenes considering the backlash would be too much to handle?
Rohit: Yes, it was really awkward because Sonali was really good at it and she was performing so well that I was really nervous in front of her. We pretty much knew there would be backlash, so we were mentally prepared. But we gave the scenes our 100 per cent.
Sonali: I try my level best in the scenes but I was also nervous filming the first romantic scene since I had never done romantic scenes on screen before. Fortunately, we pulled it off well.

So, what makes your on screen chemistry work?
Rohit: Our off screen chemistry. Being friends with each other and knowing each other well off-screen helps us make the on-screen bond look believable. We are each other’s best friends.
Sonali: I agree with Rohit. You really need to know each other well. If you love your work and are comfortable with your co-actor, then it just gets easier on screen.

Who is a better co-star- among the two of you?
Rohit: Of course, Sonali.
Sonali: Rohit is a better actor than me and definitely a better co-star.

How many times have you burst out laughing while filming a scene?
Rohit: I don’t laugh. I am pretty serious when it comes to work.
Sonali: It is always Rohit, who makes us laugh a lot. And God alone knows how he manages to keep a straight face despite being a mischief monger on the set.

So, who takes more retakes?
Rohit: I don’t take too many retakes. Usually it is Sonali.
Sonali: I take more retakes.

Any particular scene so far that has made its way to your heart?
Rohit: I love the scene where I come back from Ludhiana and I see her standing on the terrace. Also, the patch up scene we did after our long fight was quite memorable.  
Sonali: The first time when my husband tells me that he is leaving me and going to Sharjah is the most memorable scene for me.  As a woman and as an actress, it was quite challenging to enact that.

Any scene that’s made you go ‘Oh I wish I had done it better’?
Rohit: There is no limit to good acting because after every scene you always end up wishing you had you put in more effort.
Sonali: There was a dance sequence that I wish we could have done that better.

One thing you like and dislike about each other?
Rohit: I really like the fact that she is good at heart and a very caring person. The thing I dislike about her is that she behaves unprofessionally sometimes, in spite of being so professional otherwise.
Sonali: I really like his innocence. I do not dislike anything about him honestly. I think I am biased towards him.

Any interesting fan comment that’s caught your eye?
Rohit: A fan had commented that we both match each other’s levels on screen. That was very special.
Sonali: A fan comment that interested me was, there is a spark in our chemistry on screen.

Who is crazier among the two of you?
Rohit: ‘The’ Rohit Bharadwaj
Sonali: Rohit is the craziest amongst us.

Where are you most likely to be found during breaks on the set?
Rohit: Playing cricket on the set.
Sonali: The make-up room.

So, who is the jagga jasoos on the sets — you or her?  
Rohit: I get all the gossip. So I am the jagga jasoos on my sets.
Sonali: Yes definitely, Rohit is the jagga jasoos on the sets.

Any annoying habits /secrets you would like to reveal about each other?
Rohit: She laughs unnecessarily without any reason. I find that annoying.
Sonali: He makes me laugh all the time and does not accept that he makes me laugh. That annoys me.