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Sameer is a true gentleman, says Shamata Anchan

Published Mar 6, 2017, 12:02 am IST
Updated Mar 6, 2017, 3:42 am IST
In a candid interview, they talk about their off-screen chemistry, on-screen drama and more.
Shamata Anchan and Sameer Arora
 Shamata Anchan and Sameer Arora

The love for tea-time chit chat and a thorough professional attitude at work is what binds co-stars Shamata Anchan and Sameer Arora. In a candid interview, they talk about their off-screen chemistry, on-screen drama and more.

You play journalists on the show. Have you drawn inspiration from a real journalist?
Shamata: I haven’t. Our producer and directors were clear that they wanted me to do my own thing.


Sameer: It’s a light hearted romantic show, and we were briefed well about what was expected from us. We didn’t have to seek any reference point.

What’s your relationship like off-screen?
Shamata: Professional. We don’t hang out when we’re not working, but we are very comfortable with each other on sets.

Sameer: The set is full of young people and we all have a great time together.

What’s the one ritual you follow on the sets?
Sameer: We all have tea together. It infuses a sense of togetherness and team work that motivates productivity. We sit together and discuss a lot of things.


Shamata: We’re all tea lovers, so whenever we have time, we chat about this and that, while having a cup of tea. It is the most peaceful part of our day.

You’ve shot intimate scenes together, one of which was very close to a particular scene from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ). What was it like?
Shamata: We haven’t tried to recreate the scene. There’s a one-night stand, with a twist, which will be revealed later. The director made me very comfortable. Only those who were required to shoot were allowed to remain on sets.


Sameer: It wasn’t an attempt to recreate what SRK and Kajol have created — not even close! We came up with something fresh and gave our best.

Do you have awkward moments romancing each other?
Shamata: Romantic scenes are awkward if the co-star is not cooperative. Luckily, Sameer is a true gentleman and totally understands me. He lightens up the mood by cracking a joke before we start the scene!

Sameer: Romantic scenes are a part of the package and for an actor, there’s  no awkwardness, because they are like a job to be done! These scenes get easier when you have a good co-actor. I feel fortunate that we share a good bond.