Megan Boone on being Elizabeth

Published Nov 5, 2017, 12:12 am IST
Updated Nov 5, 2017, 12:12 am IST
The Blacklist lead reveals about where the show is headed.
Megan Boone
 Megan Boone

Megan Boone, the American actress, best known for her lead role in the hit show The Blacklist, sheds light on her character, about her baby in the show, her hobby, about the character arc in Season 5 and more...

Q: Didn’t Liz think, or at least suspect, that Reddington was her father all these years?
Megan Boone: I think she always suspected and feared that was the case and avoided investigating the truth. A weight has been lifted and she has a clear picture of where she stands in the world even if that picture is complicated.


Q: Does it help get you into character when you wear Elizabeth’s clothes?
MB: Yeah, the black slim jeans, button-down silk blouse, tucked in with a belt, ankle boots with an edgy flair, some adornment that makes them unique.

Q: What happened to her baby?
MB: The baby is with us on the show. She has a nanny or something.

Q:What’s the main thrust of the new season?
MB: What James brought to the new phase of Raymond Reddington’s life is an ability to enjoy life under any circumstance and had never seen it when he was reduced to living in squalor. And we are definitely going to address those bones (in the suitcase). They will be the crux of the story for a while.

Q: Are you painting as a hobby?
MB: I’m actually going to grad school. I’m getting my MBA in sustainability at Bard College.

Q: Will this be a new or additional career?
MB: I am just thinking what the morally right thing to do in any career is. Right now it is to support the world in a biosphere that supports life to a regeneration process. Within the current system, there is only so much that can be done. They are doing what they can on set. They reuse woods on set and store sets on flats. We don’t use plastic water bottles on the sets. We are doing the absolute best we can. My interest is in finding a new model.

Q: What are some changes Elizabeth goes through this season?
MB: Elizabeth is having fun. She has finally let go of thinking all problems can be solved. She now lives in a moral gray area. She really enjoys Reddington’s new way of being. It is counter to what we have seen in the past, where she has been rigid in the past.

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