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Rendezvous with Bigg Boss of Chennai

Published Jul 5, 2017, 1:51 am IST
Updated Jul 5, 2017, 1:51 am IST
Kamal Haasan
 Kamal Haasan

Chennai: Move on television serials and sob soaps.  ‘Bigg Boss’ has arrived on Vijay TV. Yes, he really is the Big Boss – Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan. The end of the first week saw romance, anger, agony, frustration and deceit among inmates.

Apparently, the handpicked 15 finalists selected to be inside the Bigg Boss house for 100 days were mostly Tamil cinema celebrities like Oviya, Namitha, Snehan, Kanja Karuppu and Ganesh Venkatraman with the exception of Juliana who became an overnight celeb during jallikattu and Riza Wilson, a model.   
Actress Oviya proposed to Aarav. Then there was anger towards Juliana by a few fellow inmates, in addition to Sree’s frustration that led to his elimination on health grounds. The show has anything and everything that are scenes straight out of a mushy family drama.

But my personal experience at the Bigg Boss house with 14 of my peer journalists at the ‘special edition’ was something unusual and weird. Fourteen journalists, 33 cameras, 24 hours, sans mobiles, watches, books, money, music – literally cut off from the outside world.

We were given instructions in the training room before we were taken inside the Bigg Boss house. We were given a sling, which had a mike and were asked to retain it on us always except in restrooms and while in the bed. My name was called first by the tech team who blindfolded me and with someone escorting me to the Bigg Boss house.

‘Wow’ was my first expression even as I landed inside! Such was the grandeur of the sets - a lush artificially created lawn with a small swimming pool on its left and a gym on the right. There was a smoking area as well in the corner. The well-lit house with its spacious living room cum dining and a small kitchen at the corner and two large well-decorated bedrooms with signs of King and Queen outside – the setting was perfect.

The only thing that bothered me was that 33 cameras were constantly watching us. Even a small whisper would be as loud as from a loud speaker – we were warned.

Thankfully, we were spared the chore of cooking. Food was provided after the alarm rings. The best part is the ‘Confession room’ on the right with a round chakra type of door, which when opened is fitted with red color lights that reminded of the ‘secret door’ of villains in MGR films.  

That’s where the ‘Bigg Boss’ calls us with his base voice and gives instructions. I was given the task of reading the instructions to be followed at the house and the first and foremost being ‘inmates should converse only in Tamil’.

Evening saw us playing the musical chair, thanks to Boss –the kids in us were out! And I had a peaceful sleep, despite a camera hanging from above.

The stay ended with all of us taking a jig at ‘Mallika Koopdraa’ peppy number and walking out brimming with joy and happiness filled! A day in the Bigg Boss is an experiment in broadening your horizons!



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