TV is the queen, not me: Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor says her focus is on hard work and not output as success is something beyond expectations.

Ekta Kapoor is best known as the Television Queen. From saas-bahu soaps to erotic thrillers, the producer has brought to TV and movie buffs a plethora of pathbreaking shows and films. Being the one who knows the pulse of both TV and movie audience, she denies the title.

“I’m not the queen of television; TV itself is the queen,” she says. And she has a reason. “TV can rate our shows on the highest level but at times it can also rate our shows at the lowest. I always make films and TV shows with a clear intention that the viewers should like them. I never know which show will click or which film will be a hit.”

She doesn’t limit her productions to a particular genre and believes that TV and cinema cater to different types of audiences. “For TV shows, we need to cater to viewers of all age as it goes to every household and targets the youth, kids, parents etc. Women are really sensitive, so I always look for stories that highlights the thought process of women. For movies, it is different. I know the audience will buy tickets based on what movie it is. Unlike movies, TV stories enter the living room and so, need to be handled with care.” She elaborates on her success mantra — passion.

“I am passionate about my work. Success for me is being happy on a daily basis for the work I do. The day I feel I have been able to get the story right — that is my happiest day. Having started my journey from a garage, I have come a long way learning the intricacies of business. I always like to be involved in what I do. If I am not satisfied, I never go ahead with it. For me, work needs to be taken seriously, only then success comes to you,” she says.

Her shows have been sweeping awards every year. What does winning awards mean to her? “Everyone likes to get awards, but for me, the credibility of the award matters more. Getting stories written well on a daily basis is also equivalent to receiving an award. Work that brings satisfaction is like an award and the highest award is the appreciation from my viewers.”

For now, Ekta’s whole focus is on the latest show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki; and she is keeping her fingers crossed. “It’s a different love story which brings the soul of the lovers from their childhood to the present. We have put in our best, but whether this show will garner the TRP like Naagin, I don’t know. However, I never stop giving my best shot.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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