We had become complacent: Kapil Sharma

In a candid chat he speaks of his rivals, clarifies his stance on controversies and tells us why he likes to stay inaccessible.

King of Comedy Kapil Sharma is back with his squad to tickle our funny bones. He’ll kick-start his brand new show — The Kapil Sharma Show — on April 23 with a live audience in a massive event in Delhi. We caught up with him at the launch of his show and got him to spill the beans on what he would be bringing to the table this time around, his alleged rivalry with Krushna and more. Excerpts from an interview:

You are literally back with a bang. Looking at the expectations and the competition, you seem to be going all out to take it head on…
The audience has given us lot of love. So we feel it is our responsibility to give them something worthy of their time. We have been working on an out-of-the-box exciting format. I am glad that Comedy Nights With Kapil got over and we got an opportunity to start something new. Things were getting quite monotonous with the same old set and characters. And honestly, we had become complacent and stopped working hard. The new show has filled us with new energy and we are raring to set new benchmarks in comedy.

The promo looks promising. What can we expect?
As you know, the team is the same. Ali has been around for 25 years, Kiku and Sunil are also quite senior. They are all masters of their craft. So needless to say, whatever we do laughter is guaranteed. Since this is not a fiction show there can’t be a fixed format. Most of the time we decide few minutes prior to the show what we would be doing for that particular episode. We will be playing to our strengths. I know I can do stand-up and gags well, so I will be focusing on that. Similarly, Sunil is a master of disguise, so we will be making him play five to six characters in a single episode. This time we won’t have a fixed family like we used to. And we won’t continue with the show without breaks. We will be coming in seasons. The first season will wind up after 26 episodes.

The channel that aired your last show insists you left because you were threatened by the popularity of Comedy Nights Bachao. Were you?
I have the maturity to overlook these petty assertions. I left because I had issues with the channel. We had certain differences and I felt it’s best to move on. There is nothing more to it. I have worked on Comedy Circus with Krushna and Bharti for six long years and I have emerged winner a number of times. Why will I have any issue with them or with their show? I don’t need to prove anything. Let the channel call me insecure. It doesn’t matter to me.

In the first episode of Comedy Nights Live, host Krushna unapologetically took digs at you. And he even took over your show. Is there some rivalry between you two?
Do you really think there can be any rivalry? I mean I do clean comedy. My humour has never been below-the-belt and so even kids watch my show. Besides I have a good show and a fantastic team. I don’t think he can be my rival in any way. As far as taking digs at me is concerned, it’s very childish on his part.

How is your equation with him today? Are you both on talking terms?
Why are people making this a Modiji versus Rahul Gandhi battle! I am doing my work and he is doing his. How does it matter whether we talk to each other or not? Our personal life is our lookout. Besides I have no time for anything but my show. Today is a great day for me. Let us talk about my new show please.

Is it true that you claimed that the channel was forcing stars coming on your show to appear on Comedy Nights Bachao as well?
Bollywood stars would rarely go to comedy shows earlier. We started the trend. From Shah Rukh to Bachchan saab — everyone loved coming to my show because I asked them unusual questions. Honestly, it is their choice to go to any show they like. Why would I be unhappy? Hope this answers your question.

You share a great bond with Shah Rukh Khan. Is he appearing in the first episode of your show?
The channel is in talks with him. It will be great if he comes. We are going live in Delhi with the first episode. It is his city and his presence will add that extra zing to the show.

Why has your mercurial success made you so inaccessible?
I don’t like to speak a lot. I am not very active on Twitter. My phone is always switched off. I am constantly with my team brainstorming and I find phone calls very disturbing. Besides, I have nothing to talk about. If there is something I want to share I make sure I am available.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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