Aditya Haasan's Teacher Poster Unveiled on Rama Navami

Director Aditya Haasan made a remarkable debut with the web series "#90’s – A Middle-Class Biopic." Streaming on the popular OTT platform ETV Win, the series left a lasting impression on viewers, taking them on a nostalgic journey with its realistic and natural storytelling.

Now, the team behind "#90’s – A Middle-Class Biopic" is back with another intriguing story titled "Teacher." This new web series, also helmed by Aditya Haasan, is produced by Naveen Medaram under the banner MNOP (Medaram Naveen Official Productions) as their second production. They are leaving no stone unturned to give another hilarious treat to viewers.

On the auspicious occasion of the Sri Rama Navami festival, the makers unveiled an exciting and thrilling poster featuring the actors involved in the project. The poster hints at a beautiful village backdrop, featuring a picturesque river and lush green fields dotted with coconut trees, with students joyfully riding bicycles to school.

"Teacher" promises to be a hilarious joy ride, revolving around three mischievous students in a Telangana village called Ankapur. One day, these three kids approach a teacher, played by Color Swathi, setting off a heartwarming tale of transformation. The series explores a beautiful, innocent love story and showcases the comic yet emotional interactions between the students and their teacher, leaving a profound impact on the audience. One can be confident that Teacher team will come with unique and realistic experience with natural dialogues and connect chords with the movie lovers.

The star-studded cast of "Teacher" includes Swathi Reddy (Color Swathi), Nikhil Devadula (of "Bahubali" fame), Nitya Sri (from "C/o Kanchera Palem"), Rajendar Goud, Siddarth (from "#90’s"), Harsha, Pawon Ramesh, Narender Naguluri, and Suresh. Siddharth Sadasivuni is responsible for the melodious music, while Azeem Mohammed handles the cinematography. With "Teacher" following the success of "#90’s – A Middle-Class Biopic," anticipation and expectations are high among viewers for this latest web series.

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