Shruti Haasan on Menstrual Health, Mental Health, and Women's Rights

Hyderabad: Acclaimed actress and musician Shruti Haasan has reaffirmed her dedication to addressing critical societal issues, including menstrual health, mental health, and women’s rights. In a recent interview, Haasan expressed her commitment to voicing these concerns on any platform available to her.

“I am not very politically aligned, but there are certain things in society around me that I care about,” Haasan stated. “I chose to voice such, as menstrual health, mental health, and women’s rights, be it any platform.”
Haasan’s passion for these issues is rooted in her personal experiences and observations of societal challenges. She believes that open dialogue and proactive advocacy are essential to creating positive change and raising awareness.
“Menstrual health, mental health, and women’s rights are not just women’s issues; they are human issues,” Haasan emphasized. “It’s important to break the stigma and promote understanding and support for these vital aspects of our lives.”
Haasan’s advocacy efforts include supporting various initiatives and organizations dedicated to these causes. She encourages others to join her in speaking out and taking action to make a meaningful impact.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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