Sharwanand's Manamey inspired by novel?

If sources are to be believed, the much-hyped love story ‘Manamey’ was reportedly inspired by a popular novel that has been adapted for a movie. “It was a popular bestseller revolving around a kid and two lovers and how the kid plays a crucial role in their lives,” he says. He claims that director Sriram Aditya has nicely adapted it for the big screen and added a few characters and situations to make it more interesting. “Adapting a novel is a different ball game and the makers managed to dish out heart-touching film,’ he adds.

He claims that Telugu filmmakers getting inspired by novels are nothing to the Telugu film industry. ‘Nithin-Samantha starrer ‘A AA’ was inspired by the Telugu novel Meena, and Vaishnav Tej film ‘Konda Polam’ was inspired by the eponymous novel penned by Sannapureddy Venkata Rami Reddy. Even yesteryear hits like ‘Prem Nagar’, Jeevana Tharangalu’, ‘Abhilasha’ and Sitaara’ were adapted from novels and they worked wonders at the box office,” he points out.

No doubt, Sharwanand has to prove a point with his upcoming film since a lot at stake for him in this movie. “Sharwanand has played a softer role in this romantic drama and has relied on his histrionic skills to draw audience at theatres,” he concludes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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