Sharwanand skips promotions, goes to Rameshwaram?

After miserable flops like ‘Aadavalu Meeku Joharlu’ and ‘OkeyOka Jeevitham Kanam’, popular actor Sharwanandheaved a sigh of relief after his latest film ‘Manamey’ drew good openings in the first three days. “Sharwanand never had such an opening for many years but he didn’t spare time for promotions,’ says a source who adds, “He knows that the film will sustain this week if he goes all out in promoting the film since it has to sustain in theatres to make more money to breakeven but he chose to go on a break,” he adds

Despite repeated requests from producers and the director, Sharwanand claimed that he had to go to Rameshwaram since he had some poojas to perform and skipped the promotions from Monday onwards. “After making Rs 9.5 crore net collections in 3 days, the film witnessed a drop in collections on Monday and distributors wanted star-studded promotions in some major cities to boost the ticket sales but they were a bit disappointed,” the source points out.
Just director Sriram is trying hard, but the hero and heroine are key for such promotions, so it is bound to affect the collections. “With films like ‘Satyabhama’ failing to impress, ‘Manamey’ had a good chance to draw in more family audiences in various areas in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It was surely a missed opportunity for Sharwanand to score a Rs 20 core hit and regain his market,” he concludes.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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