Sharmila Tagore Lauds Pankaj Tripathi's Performance in Mango Dreams

The award-winning international film "Mango Dreams," starring Pankaj Tripathi and Ram Gopal Bajaj, premiered on Open Theatre on May 16th. This heartwarming film, directed by American director John Upchurch, features Tripathi as a Muslim auto rickshaw driver who forms an unlikely bond with a Hindu doctor (Bajaj) on a journey across India to find the doctor's childhood home. The cast also includes Samir Kochhar, Rohini Hattangadi, S.M. Zaheer, and Faraz Ahsan.

Sharmila Tagore, on a recent podcast with Twinkle Khanna, discussed her perspective on the film industry. "There's a whole world beyond cinema," she said. "I've always been aware of that. That's why I was so excited to work in Gulmohar."
Khanna then commented, "You're living in a fantastic time! There's a resurgence of opportunities for older actresses and actors, isn't there? Like Martha Stewart on the cover of Illustrated in a swimsuit. Are we going to see you in a bikini again?"
Tagore replied, "I don't think I'll be doing that again. I've done it, and I've moved on. But definitely, I don't want to be limited to stereotypical roles. I'd love to be involved in director-driven films โ€“ there are so many great ones out there. Have you seen 'Mango Dreams'? I simply adore Pankaj Tripathi's work. Of course, I'll see OMG 2, yes for Akshay, but also for Pankaj Tripathi because I think he's so good, he's brilliant."
For the unversed, Pankaj Tripathi's exceptional performance in "Mango Dreams" earned him the Best Actor Award at the Capetown International Film Market and Festival in 2017.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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