Can't imagine this movie without Randeep, says Anand Pandit

Pandit emphasises the need to portray the true history of Savarkar, highlighting Randeep Hooda's pivotal role and countering propaganda claims.
A section of society often distorts facts and deviates from the truth, Swatantra Veer Savarkar is an attempt to show the real history, says Bollywood filmmaker Anand Pandit in this exclusive interview with Deccan Chronicle.

When and why did you decide to make a biopic on one of the most controversial pre independence political figures?
I have read a lot about Savarakarji since my childhood. I read a lot of books on him during my school days in Gujarat and I always thought that he’s one of those unsung heroes who never got justice. There was negative propaganda against him. And he did not get the respect and justice which he deserved. So this film is not part of my business, it’s part of my conviction that I wanted to make a film on him, irrespective of whatever happens at box office or my commercials.

Which aspects of Savarkar's life does the movie depict?
We are showing almost everything about Savarkarji— about his skill, tatva gyan, writing ability, thoughts of nationalism, Hinduism everything. We are showing 360 degree of Savarkar ji,

Why did you pick Randeep Hooda for the title role?
I won't say I picked Randeep Hooda. But I knew that without him, this film cannot be made. When Randeep came with this proposal, I knew that this was the combination I wanted. Randeep, as we know, is one of the finest actors in our industry, he's an excellent method actor. He gets into the character and gives his 100pc to his role. So without Randeep, I could not even imagine making this film. So it was like a dream-come true pair—the subject and the actor.

How do you react to the movie being labelled as a propaganda film?
It's in fact an anti-propaganda film. A big negative propaganda happened against Savakarji and is still happening with some of the leaders. We wanted to come out with a clear slate for Savarakarji, give him upto certain extent, some justice about what he did and show the right side of the history, to show youngsters what the real truth is.

What research went into developing the script? What are the sources referred for the research?
Lot of research has gone into it. Randeep is also one of the co-writers. So he has also done a lot of research from a lot of history books, met family and friends of Savarakarji, went to Andaman jail also, met a lot of people there too.

Why do you think the public should watch the movie?
People should know about the right history. We have seen that some of the section of society has always deviated from the truth. So the first reason is that you should know the real history. Second, you must do justice to the person who's given his entire life to this nation and for the Independence movement. And thirdly, it's a motivational movie for the new generation and family.

Is the timing of the movie release just ahead of elections not a very convenient one? Do you think it is capable of having an impact on elections?
We have never thought about the elections. It’s just a coincidence that elections are happening when we are releasing the film. But otherwise, I don't see any correlation.

What are your expectations from the audience? What kinds of reactions do you think the movie will get?
As far as commercials are concerned, I am not expecting anything. Of course if the box office turns out to be good, we will be very happy. But the motive of this movie is that a large number of people understand the life of a great leader. That's the only expectation.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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