Satya: An outing that takes you back to the 90s

Movie name: Satya
Cast: Prarthana Sandeep, Hamaresh Satish, Aadukalam Murugadoss
Director: Vaali Mohan Das Murugagan

Plot: "Satya" follows the journey of SatyaMurthy, a class 11 student, as he navigates the challenges of adjusting to a new school. The story revolves around his struggles within a lower-middle-class family, his first love, and adjusting to a new school.

Satyamurthy is an adolescent, his father Gandhi is a Dhobi and the bread winner who earns enough to make ends meet, his mother is a homemaker and a caring mother. Satya has an older sister Lakshmi, a responsible girl who stops studies after class 10 to help her father. The story revolves around Satya and his family's struggles and his turnaround in life.
Review: Going in with zero expectations, 'Satya,' evokes interest and offers a nostalgic journey back to the 90s, the film will bring to mind 'school memories' for those who grew up during that era. The outing authentically captures the essence of lower-middle-class family dynamics.
The protagonist, Hamaresh Satish, convincingly portrayed as a class 11 student, navigating through the challenges of a new school and experiences of first love in a relatable manner.
Interestingly, despite being set in the current time, the movie is devoid of any Smart gadgets including smart phones and gaming consoles, which is quite the norm in today's adolescents.
The performances, particularly by the lead actor and Aadukalam Murugadoss, the actor portraying his father, are commendable. The sets and dialogues contribute to the film's authenticity. However, the pacing falters in the second half, losing momentum and the director leaves too many unanswered questions in the climax, resulting in what I feel is an abrupt conclusion.
Trimming the runtime by at least 20 minutes in this 2 hour 9 minute outing could have improved the overall experience. Despite the flaws, "Satya" earns a 3 out of 5 rating for its nostalgic charm and strong performances.
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( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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