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Heroines roped in for publicity!

Published Jul 31, 2019, 1:48 am IST
Updated Jul 31, 2019, 1:48 am IST
After Sandalwood actors, it is now the turn of their female counterparts to make merry on TV.
A still from  Nanu Nanna Kanasu
 A still from Nanu Nanna Kanasu

A decade ago, film actors maintained a clear distance from working in television for various reasons. Many considered it as a last resort after their luck ran out on the bigger screen until the advent of reality shows struck wonders on television.

Despite their popularity and busy schedules, film personalities became the number one choice to run such shows leading to a tussle from various corners especially film producers who complained that it was hurting the movie business by keeping the audience back at home on weekends. As the actors have managed to strike a perfect balance between films and television shows, the latest ones to add more value to the small screen ventures are the popular actresses. Several top heroines are seen promoting the brand new soaps on Kannada television. Actress Priyanka Upendra joins the bandwagon in being the face of Nanu Nanna Kanasu, a new Kannada soap, a family drama on Udaya TV which is set to go on air from next Monday. Hariprriya, Ragini Dwivedi, Harishika Poonacha and many more Sandalwood actresses have been part of such acts in the recent times.


“I liked the story of Nanu Nanna Kanasu which talks about the special bond between a daughter and her father. I have admired several great heroes on and off the screen but the most I admire is my father. He is my first hero in real life, and the tele-serial beautifully depicts one such special bond on the small screen for which I am glad to present it to the audience” says Priyanka Upendra.

Whereas the choice of actresses is also based on the kind of subject too. For instance, recently actress Hariprriya was seen promoting a serial titled Nayaki, which revolves around a female protagonist who fights a lone battle against all odds in the society.


“Times have changed wherein women play a major role in every walk of life. It is no longer just the typical atte-sose saga on television. I was impressed with Nayaki and agreed to present it to the audience. I hope that the  audience shall accept it with open arms. More and more such soaps are the need of the hour than just the typical entertainment,” says the actress.

Filmmaker Venkatesh sees it as clear publicity act to draw the attention of telly audience. “Considering the number of new serials on the television, it is indeed a challenge to grab more eyeballs. More than the movies, it is the small screen ventures who are spending more on promotional activities such as posters, advertisements and even promotional videos involving popular actresses,” he adds.


Actress Ragini wraps up saying that television plays a major part in taking our movies to the audience and in such a scenario, we are always happy to be part of any sensible projects. Who doesn’t love a good and meaningful serial,” she adds.