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Yash’s fans on a rampage

Published Oct 30, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated Oct 30, 2019, 12:00 am IST
His fans got offended by an old video, where standup comic and actor Sudarshan Rangaprasad is seen mimicking the star.

Fans and fanatics are frequently the one and  the same when it comes  to  South Indian superstars. Tamil-Telugu-Malayalam  fans of  Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Suriya,Vijay,  Mahesh Babu, Nagarjuna, Mohanlal, Mammootty and now the  younger breed  including  Vijay Deverakonda, Adivi Sesh, etc.  won’t  tolerate  a  word against their beloved  demi-god.

The  latest star to join this elite group  of  anointed  deities is  Yash, the Kannada superstar from the film KGF  whose  fans have taken umbrage  to an old video where a smalltime actor  and standup comic named  Sudarshan Rangaprasad is seen mimicking Yash.


Since the time the  video has gone viral, Sudarshan,whom nobody had heard  of until this incident, and his wife have ben urging Yash to come  forward to  “help” .

But Yash has  remained silent throughout.

And  there  is a reason  for it.

A  source  close  to the Superstar reveals to this  writer,  “These may be   fans  of   Yash who are offended by the video. But that doesn’t mean they will listen to him. Fan followings are  like riding that  proverbial tiger. Not in anyone’s control. Also,it is  strange that  this  video has suddenly surfaced  after two years. Yash doesn’t think  it is  in particularly good taste. But he couldn’t be bothered less. But why bring the  wives  into the  picture?  This  stand-up comedian’s wife has been urging Yash and his wife  to come forward to resolve the crisis. Yash’s wife is expecting her second child any day now.Why should she  get involved with this?”


The source  close   to Yash says  the matter should have been resolved  easily and not turned into an issue. “The whole  thing  is distasteful. Fans  are possessive. You ridicule them . They will retaliate. It’s as  simple as that. They won’t even listen to  the star  whom they idolise.”

In the  meanwhile a letter has been issue  by Yash’s fan club. This letter in Kannada urges the more aggressive sections of  the fans to  desist from abusive retaliation.


“When  you behave in a graceless, undignified  way, you also compromise  the  dignity and  grace  of   the star  you love,” the  letter reads.

To this  we may add a word of caution to those who use the social media to get publicity. Remember the  Tiger you ride may  end up riding you.