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Entertainment Sandalwood 29 Oct 2019 Her journey forward!

Her journey forward!

Published Oct 30, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated Oct 30, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Sandalwood actress Aishani Shetty has several exciting projects lined up in the coming months. We catch up with the lady to know more about her plans.
A still from Nam Gani B.Com Pass
 A still from Nam Gani B.Com Pass

She can act, sing and even direct. A true multi-talented artiste, Aishani Shetty started her career as an actress while she was pursuing her studies in mass communications. Following notable performances in Vaastu Prakara and Naduve Antaravirali along with the  award- winning short film Kaaji, which marked her directorial debut, the actress has several interesting projects lined up for release. This includes Nam Gani B.Com Pass which releases in November. Her other projects include Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage, and Hondisi Bariyiri ( meaning ‘match the following’) which will be launched on November 1. She speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle about her unique projects which coincidentally comes with interesting titles.

“Nan Gani BCom Pass, is a typical family entertainer that most youngsters can identify with The film addresses the lack of job opportunities after graduation, family and peer pressures. The director has given a comical twist to several situations. I will be seen in two different timelines in the film —one is that of a school  girl, and another is a more mature character who is quite stubborn about what she wants in life. The film is slated to release on November 15,” says Aishani.


On her other passion to work behind the camera as a filmmaker, she responds by saying that amidst her busy schedule portraying different kinds of characters, Aishani has also written two scripts for a feature film. “I am planning on writing another one soon. I hope to direct again some time next year.”

Insofar as her brand new project, which she has signed — Hondisi Bariyiri, she shares that it is a beautiful story about a group of friends and their journey in life. “It addresses relationships, love and friendships. It is a story that anyone can connect with on many levels. My character in the film is very passionate about her goals in life, very strong and career oriented and takes life as it comes,” she says

While she was seen playing a college girl in a couple of projects, in Nam Gani B.Com Pass, Aishani plays a schoolgirl and then that of a stubborn mature lady. Talking about playing a school girl, she says the character reminded about her school days. No wonder Aishani had a blast shooting for it.

“It is always fun to work with a new team. Playing a school girl and dressing up in a uniform all crisp and white reminded me of school. The costume automatically brought out the school girl in me and I could deliver what was required for the scene,” says Aishani, adding that she always teased the director on the set while filming.

“He knows the script by heart and since he is also the hero of the film, I would often catch him miming my dialogues along with me every time I had a scene with him.”

She is also looking forward to Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage. “I cannot wait to play my character in this film,” says Aishani, adding that she is very unconventional and quite quirky. “My look in the film is very different from any other film I have done before. This is the first time that so much of attention has been paid to such details. They will be releasing the solo poster soon.”

Before wrapping it up, she signs off hoping that she soon gets to explore her singing talent as well in the coming days.