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VFX not the property of big budget movies, says visual effects expert Sanath

Published Feb 29, 2020, 7:43 am IST
Updated Feb 29, 2020, 7:43 am IST
'It's a misconception among many producers that visual effects are expensive'
Visual effects expert Sanath PC
 Visual effects expert Sanath PC

Bengaluru: Dismissing the common perception that VFX is propriety of high budget movies, National Award winning visual effects expert Sanath P C feels that the technology could be used in budget movies also.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle on the sidelines of BIFFes here on Friday, Sanath said that it was a misconception among many producers that visual effects were expensive and they could be used only in big budget movies.


"There are limitations in making movies -- especially with respect to `world building'. In sports biopic Bhag Milkha Bhag, we had to digitally recreate the old stadiums. We only had few photos for our reference and we created the whole stadium with that. In another movie, which go back in years, we had to create the whole world with photo references. That's the power of visual effects." he said.

VFX should not be seen as a post production work always. "If we know for what reason the director wants a particular VFX, we can always work together before production and pull out a better work" he said. 


"There are times when an actor has to do multiple roles in a day. For one role he needs to act clean shaven and for the next shot he has to with beard," Mr Sanath said and explained how they changed a bearded actor to a clean shaven one using VFX.

He also revealed how actors who have turned old are made young with the help of VFX. All VFX artists have to do is to understand the emotional side of the story, so that they can give their best to the movie.

There used to be times when the imagination of a film director got limited as all of his imagination could not be brought on screen. But with the advancement of Visual Effects, there is no limitation for the imagination of the film makers, he said.  


For those who do not know, Mr Sanath through his company Firefly Creative Studio is associated with the making of Anji, Maghadheera, Enthiran, Eaga, Bahubali and Pulimurugan among others.   He confidently says that the way films are made today is changed with the help of VFX and the technology holds a great potential for the future. 

"We are using VFX for many purposes. Be it to bring about some magical effects on screen or to bring hundreds of people together in one frame or to make some action scenes which are impossible to make really, VFX has the solution for every imagination of the director" Mr Sanath said. 


Sharing his experience on how these days the VFX is used, Mr Sanath said how they recreated Tsunami for a Tamil movie 'Kayal'. 

"It's highly impossible to create natural calamities in a set. That too when the natural calamities involve water, there are a lot of limitations. In the movie Kayal, we created Tsunami using VFX and it came out well" he explained. He also explained how they shot for a movie in a set and then with the help of graphics gave the feeling that the movie was shot in Kashmir. 

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru