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Someone up there likes me, says Yash

Published Mar 28, 2019, 12:01 am IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 12:19 am IST
An exclusive interview with Sandalwood star Yash, who is all set to shoot for KGF2 in April. He talks about the hit film and more.

Yash, the Kannada superstar’s  popularity has gone up manifold after the release of KGF. In an  interview with Subhash K Jha the affable humble superstar, talks about how the  film’s success has changed his fan–profile, the  release of KGF on the digital  platform and for the first  time, his plans to start shooting KGF 2 in April.

Yash, months after its release, KGF continues to run in many centres?
I am  aware of it. We’ve been tracking its  course through the weeks and frankly, though we expected  the  film to succeed, the level of success has  left us quite dazed. Of course, we wanted this level of  success. And  KGF is available  on the  digital platform since February 5. So we have  millions and millions of  added  viewership.


Who wouldn’t  want this  level of success? But  not everyone gets it?
True. I guess someone up there likes me.

And down  here also, quite  a few?
Ha ha yes.  I am grateful and quite dazed. Earlier I used to be  recognised and approached only in Karnataka. Now wherever I go, be it Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala or Mumbai, I am  given the same  love and respect everywhere.I feel at home  everywhere  now.

Now you belong to the whole country ?
Yes, that’s  the  best part of  the  success of. It has  brought me closer  to the entire country. I feel the love wherever I go. KGF can’t be called only as a Kannada film.


So KGF Part 2?
We will  begin by the end of  April or the beginning of May. We’ve locked  in the script and  it’s now in  pre-production. The scale of presentation this time would be  much higher. Now that  KGF is  a recognisable brand we have huge expectations to  live up to. Not that we were any less careful  in the  first part. Only   technically this time we need to be  a little more sophisticated. There are a couple of  very complex action scenes in  the sequel. For this  we  may get help from foreign technicians.


Do you feel  Indian technicians  lag behind in  action scenes?
Not at all! No no, never. In fact I believe  Indian technicians  are  the  best in the world.  In the first chapter  we  achieved everything with Indian technicians and most of  them were  from Karnataka. Our action scenes in  KGF have been  appreciated everywhere  including outside India.This  time again we will be using the same team. Only if  foreign technicians  are required we will consider them. Only because they have the resources  that we  perhaps don’t. Otherwise we don’t lag  behind  in talent. But  most of the technicians again will be local, and that’s the way I want it. Mind you,  in Hollywood there are several Indian technicians working.


Are  you looking at  penetrating the international market with Part 2?
The  first part too penetrated  the into international market, though not as much as  we’d have liked  to. This time we hope to be well equipped  to  make inroads abroad. Lots of foreigners  have watched  KGF. This  time we hope to make  a world-class  film.

You did consider  doing something else before doing KGF again. I remember you told me that the last time we spoke?
I did. But then audiences expectations are so high we  don’t want to  disappoint them by breaking their concentration from the first part to the second. If the second part comes later it would be  of no use. People really want to watch it now. We wanted  to make sure they get  what they want. The most important factor for doing KGF 2  right after  the first chapter is my look. It took one helluva long time to grow this beard. To shave  it off and then grow it back again would be quite an  ordeal.


How  is your  recently-born daughter doing?  What have you named her?
According to  our tradition, we can only name her after  five  or nine months. We will have a big ceremony after five months where her name  will be officially announced. It will be a bigger function than  her first birthday. I can tell you this much. She  will be named  after a Hindu goddess. In the mean time we have a whole lot of nicknames  for  her.

Do you get to spend enough time with the little one?
No matter how much time I  spend with her  it’s not enough. Right now before I begin shooting for KGF 2. I  spend as much time as possible with her. Even when I begin shooting I will make sure I spend  some time with her every day.  Shootings will continue to  happen.  But this precious time when she’s growing will never come back.


Success hasn’t changed you at all?
I am no stranger  to success. Even before  KGF I had seen  ample success in Karnataka. What this film did was  to broaden my fan base many times over. If I was  a newcomer  in  KGF you may have found me walking with my head  in  the clouds.

Your message  to fans?
Please give the second chapter of  KGF even more love than you gave the first chapter. We will be in theatres in the summer of 2020.