CBFC versus Indian cinema: 5G creates censor record, gets 7 pages of suggestions

The film also has Mahatma Gandhi and the demonetised 500 rupee notes as its main character.

Mumbai: This one has nothing to do with the proposed next generation of mobile telecommunications technology, as 5G, which is set for release simply means - '5th Generation'.

The film also has Mahatma Gandhi and the demonetised 500 rupee notes as its main character. However, this is not why '5G' has raised the eyebrows in the industry. The actual reason for being the talk of the Tinsel town is for creating a 'censor' record of sorts before it hits the screens across the state this Friday.

Allegedly rejected thrice by the Central Board of Film Certification, the film has been finally granted U/A certificate with at least 'seven' pages of suggestions by the censor board including cuts/mutes/changes/alterations and so on. So, this one officially beats even the sequel to ‘Dandupalya’ film, which had at least three pages of such instructions from the censor board including cuts and mutes. Recently a leaked nude scene of Sanjjanaa Galrani from the sequel created uproar in the industry.

The film - 5th Generation directed by Guruvendra Shetty stars Praveen Tej, and Nidhi Subbaiah of the fame of ‘Direct Ishq’, ‘Ajab Gazabb Love’ and ‘Love Shagun’.

This one also marks the first film to feature in detail the demonetised currency after they were changed by the Reserve Bank along with the introduction of new Rs. 2000 currency notes. With the film facing 1 minutes 13 seconds straight cut, the censor board has suggested seven pages of instructions including the song starting with the line 'Bapu Bapu' being ruled out of the film.

While Mahatma Gandhi will be seen as a 'visionary' character in the film, the makers further maintain that the film has a unique combination of a love story with that of spreading social messages.

So, if you have decided to watch this generation of film, get ready for a lot of mute, blurred and altered scenes from the original one.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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