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Vijay bhava' for Sanchari

Deccan Chronicle| Shashiprasad SM

Published on: September 19, 2017 | Updated on: September 19, 2017

The teacher who turned to cinema with a flourish has a slew of films up for release. Sanchari Vijay lets us in on what's new in his life

Sanchari Vijay and Amrutha Rao

Sanchari Vijay and Amrutha Rao

He is the only Kannada actor to win the coveted National Award in the best actor category at the 62nd National Film Awards. The role he essayed was that of a transgender. His other film Harivu where he plays the role of a farmer, was awarded best feature film at the same awards. The multi-talented and multiple award-winning actor — Sanchari Vijay who hails from Chikmagalur district taught Computer Science for diploma students after completing an engineering degree, before films became his calling card. With more than half-a-dozen films up for release, most of which are unique experimental ventures, the actor talks abut his victorious journey and more.

"At present, Nanna Magale Heroine (my daughter herself is the heroine), is ready to hit the screens in October. I feel cinema is an end in itself, and do not differentiate art, parallel or commercial. This film is a comedy catering to a mass audience. I took it up as I thought of experimenting with other genres, especially ones termed as commercial films. In that sense, one of my other films titled Padarasa (meaning mercury falls) is along the same lines. I also have several extremely experimental and challenging films lined up including a trilingual Pirangipura that is being shot near the Pakistan border," says Vijay.

Other interesting films in his kitty include Aarane Miley (meaning sixth mile), Krishna Tulasi, Varthamana (meaning present), Padarasa and Atakuntu Lekkakilla (meaning unaccounted in a game). Vijay has also signed another film to be directed by veteran film maker Bhagavan of the Dorai Bhagavan fame. Bhagavan returns to direction after a gap of 22 years.

The actor started his acting journey through Sanchari, a unique theatre initiative, and the name Sanchari stuck. Fondly called Sanchari Vijay, his father Basavarajaiah was a multi-talent, and actor, and his mother Gwramma, a folk singer. His childhood was limited to playing minor roles in village dramas. "I had never imagined that I will end up being an actor. Yes, I did have some qualities like enacting my favourite roles after watching a film or a drama, but all of this was in the past, as later, I started getting serious about education. In fact, even while studying, my friends would notice my acting skills. I worked as a lecturer, and when the college shifted to a far off location, I quit. Then a friend insisted that I join theatre," Vijay recollects.

With the usual struggles as an aspiring actor, his biggest chance came with the National Award for the film Naanu Avalalla... Avanu (I am not a he, but she). The award helped him widen his purview, and showed Vijay’s immense talent.

In an upcoming film, he plays the role of a blind man, and in another Tale Danda, he follows an environmental cause against tree-felling while yet another of his films mulls into the presence of swarga (heaven). Aarane Miley, a thriller, revolves around youngsters who go trekking. The wider roles he essays continues with Attakuntu Lekkakilla, a film about schizophrenia. He also features in a love story with a difference titled Krishna Tulasi.

The actor who has directed a couple of dramas also plans to direct a feature film in the future. For now, though, with innumerable films in hand, that might have to wait its turn. Before signing off, Vijay reveals that he had auditioned for a couple of singing reality shows as he is also trained in Hindustani and Carnatic music. "I lacked the confidence, so went back to acting. I also try painting and calligraphy when time permits, apart from singing for myself these days," smiles the actor.

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