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Sandalwood too has witnessed several popular directors who have proved their metal when it comes to acting.

While it is not uncommon that most of the actors express their desire to direct, it is same with some talented filmmakers who have often switched sides from behind the camera to facing it for some reel action. Renowned Hollywood directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Mike Nichols and several others have turned actors eventually. So, are the actors such as Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson and many such popular ones who have directed movies in the later part of their career. Sandalwood too has witnessed several popular directors who have proved their metal when it comes to acting. However, only a handful of them have attained stardom while most of them stuck to their best eventually, which is to direct movies.

The latest one to join the bandwagon is writer and director Manju Mandavya who makes his debut as actor playing in the lead in his directorial venture Bharatha Bahubali. Bengaluru Chronicle reports.

“Basically, I am from a theatre background. Since childhood I was into acting. During college days I did several plays along with penning scripts and directing them. However, I entered the film industry as a writer and the success kept me busy as a writer for some years before I decided to explore my other skills, and hence ventured into direction with my debut movie Masterpiece, says Manju Mandavya, writer and director who turns actor in his directorial Bharatha Bahubali. He is paired opposite Saara Harish. Others who act in this film include popular comedian Chikkanna and senior actress Bhavya

Inspired by Upendra, one of the most popular director who successfully switched over to acting attaining stardom as Real Star, Manju Mandavya further adds that he is following Uppi’s footsteps. “Previously, I acted in Rajahuli with Rocking Star Yash wherein I played a rural character. Such characters suits me. Directing and as well acting might sound hectic but I am enjoying every bit of it,” he shares.

The successful actor-cum-directors are Crazy Star Ravichandran, Kashinath, Upendra, S Narayan, Jogi Prem, Rakshit Shetty amongst others. Whereas, Kiccha Sudeep, Ramesh Aravind, and few other actors have tasted success even as directors.

“Direction and acting are two different department, but a director, who being the captain of the ship ,would strive for the best when it comes to performances from actors. Thus, a lot of directors would have also acted. Though not every actor would have directed movies. Only a handful of directors have tasted success as heroes while many have limited themselves to playing characters and special appearances such as Subhash Ghai. In Sandalwood, veterans like T S Nagabharana, Om Prakash Rao, Om Sai Prakash, Sadhu Kokila mostly are character artists,” says director Raghavendra.

Writer Subramanya wraps up by saying that fame as an actor alone doesn’t guarantee an actor when it comes to direction for example Golden Star Ganesh was rejected as director when he directed his film Cool. There is a saying in the industry that not all can be Ravichandran or Upendra when a director dares to direct himself as an actor, he signs off.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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