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‘Ved’etta for filmaloka

Published Mar 17, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Mar 17, 2017, 7:08 am IST

She witnessed her career best with her role as Satya in Shivalinga, and now she is on a roll with back-to-back ventures. This includes whipping up another feast in Kannada for Gowdru Hotel —  a remake of the Malayalam hit Ustad Hotel.

Vedhika is also busy with Prabhudeva Studio’s Vinodh in Tamil and an upcoming Malayalam film. The actress confesses to  Bengaluru Chronicle how much she is in love with Satya’s character.

Vedhika admits that it has been a tough task for her  to find something equal or even better than Shivalinga. She talks about her desire to be cast in the sequel to Shivalinga, her new year resolution practicing yoga and much more.

“After Shivalinga, I had two projects in Malayalam – with Prithviraj and Dilip and hence I got busy. The previous year turned out to be a fabulous year for me. I have also signed a film with Upended sir, which is yet to be titled but the first one which will rolling out will be Gowdru Hotel,”says Vedhika.

The actress, further adds, “Shivalinga was my career’s most challenging role. Satya ‘s character is once in a life time kind of a role for me. I am happy for all the love and appreciation from the Kannada audiences. It was great working with Dr Shivarajkumar sir and Vasu sir and the audience response is the main reason for me to comeback.”

On the sequel to the Shivalinga, she says that the film is very close to her heart and can only hope that she will be back as Satya. “The rest is left to the director and the producer,” Vedhika says with a smile.

As far as her recent success is concerned, the actress adds that she has been quality conscious and likes to work with a good team. “When everybody brings their best to the table, the product is bound to be good. Script is another vital part. I never just look into my role. I had been lucky to have good roles in all the films recently I worked irrespective of the languages.”

In Malayalam, the script writers are always present on the sets, as they very careful about their characters, says Vedhika whereas writers in other industry are more laidback. “Minus minor changes such as spot editing, there is not much of a difference. Job wise, it requires the same human emotions which is critical while performing.”

The actress was well appreciated for her breathtaking stunts in Shivalinga. She performed almost all the stunts by herself including the rope shots, for which she even fell for a while.

On working with Shivanna, she says, “Its unbelievable how the biggest of the superstars like Shivanna are such torchbearers for the younger generation especially on how to handle success. Despite achieving so much they are still the most humble people. We get to learn so much from them by just watching them. While with so much of love and attention, anybody can go a little high but such personalities and their simplicity and humbleness teaches how to handle success. They do the talking through their work.”

Before signing off she reveals that she has finally made a new year resolution and has taken up yoga. “My resolution to do pranayam is going really well and I am already seeing the difference. I haven’t missed even a single day,” she reveals.



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