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After a Kannada film debut that wowed fans, Aditi Prabhudeva is back to Sandalwood with Bazaar, which is being directed by Simple Suni.

After making a brave debut, this pretty actress is pressing the right buzzer for her second venture too. Davanagere beauty Aditi Prabhudeva who was impressive with her portrayal in Dhairyam, her debut Kannada movie, went onto return to the small screen playing the snake woman in Nagakannike. As she was scouring for sensible scripts and a professional crew to work with for her second film, she has hit gold with this one. Her next film is titled Bazaar and is being directed by Simple Suni of Simple Aag Ond Love Story, Operation Alamelamma and the latest sensation — Chamak. Aditi speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle about her role in this simple filmy market, Bazaar, which was launched on the eve of Makara Sankranti.

“After my first venture Dhairyam, I got busy with Nagakannike and the popularity of the tele-serial and its success has kept me busy till now. The first season is almost at its end. Meanwhile, I had also been going through several scripts — almost 14 scripts till I accidentally ended up with Suni Sir’s next. I couldn’t have asked for more, and starting 2018 on such a high note is an amazing feeling,” says Aditi.

In Bazaar she plays a Brahmin girl but with a twist to her character. “Though the character is that of an orthodox Brahmin girl, deep inside, she feels different. She feels unsafe with the environment as she is motherless and lives with an alcoholic father. In between, the character jells with the love angle of the story. The best part of it is that the characters are clearly defined with equal importance given to every role.”

On her delay returning to films, Aditi explains that she was busy shooting for the soap 25 days a month, and she became part of the venture as a special character and thanks to its success, she extended her stay on TV. “I was missing films so much but my commitments kept getting extended, and it was understandable due to the immense response from the audience. However, the first season is nearly ending and I was awaiting a chance to take up films. Suddenly life gave me a chamak with Bazaar,” she smiles.

Eight months after her debut film was released, she enters the movie market again, confident. “I always wanted to work with directors like Suni who are simply brilliant in their making. I had met him twice earlier, and even expressed my willingness to work in one of his projects. Then the real Chamak happened when he recently called, asking me to audition for this latest project,” Aditi says, adding that working with talented people is an added advantage which helps actors excel in their performances. Though playing a Brahmin girl, there will be a lot of surprises both in terms of appearances and costumes, apart from other characteristics,” she says. With a lot more in store for her in Bazaar, she signs off revealing that her screen name in the film is Parijatha, a divine flower which has a special status in Hindu mythology and it is also known for its unique fragrance.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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