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Manvitha Harish in the company of Century Star

Published Jul 13, 2016, 12:00 am IST
Updated Jul 13, 2016, 12:19 am IST
Luck favoured this pretty Rj who has made an impact with her debut sandalwood flick.
Manvitha Harish
 Manvitha Harish

She changed her name from Shwetha Kamat to Manvitha Harish after switching roles from a radio jockey to that of an actress. Manvitha made her debut with Kannada film, Kendasampige, directed by Suri.

This movie not only earned her wide appreciation for her performance but also did brilliantly at the box office. Now, her luck seems to have multiplied  as Manvitha has been roped in for an upcoming venture of Century Star Dr Shivarajkumar. The film will be directed by Suri and is titled Tagaru which means male sheep.


The actress who even named her new house in Bengaluru Kendasampige speaks exclusively to Bengaluru Chronicle about her next film
with Suri and Shivanna, and much more.

“After my dream debut, I was keen on my next film. I waited patiently for the right script which would help me explore a different role. Despite a flurry of offers, I did not wanted to hurry. It was only a month-and-a-half ago, Suri Sir asked me to hit the gym. Initially, I thought that since I was not doing any films, he was just advising me to stay fit. It was a pleasant surprise when he revealed that it to get me into shape for his next film. When I learnt that I am being cast as female lead in Shivanna’s film, it was the greatest surprise ever,” says Manvitha.

The actress has shed at least 8 kilos to fit the role in Tagaru opposite Shivanna. It was also reported that Manvitha is training under special trainer Srini who helped Dhananjay and other actors build their body for film requirements. Insiders reveal that Suri has asked the trainer to train Manvitha, helping her shape her body as a professional athlete.

“I have been craving for biryani and icecream. However, I am fighting it. Right now, I am eating fish and fruits only,” she laughs, adding that she is happy to lose her chubby cheeks, and hopes she has managed to stay cute.

“I had no clue when Suri Sir kept asking me to watch a few films from a particular genre, and to learn a new form of dance, the local dance Tapanguchi. I learnt by watching videos. I always had a great passion towards dance which helped me learn quickly. In Kendasampige, I was seen driving all around the state in a limited costume, and in Tagaru, it’s the gear of a sportsperson.”

Manvitha reveals that she had to tone up but did not have to lose too much weight — she lost 8 kilos. “I had to follow a regime of 60 percent diet and 40 per cent workout. I am loving the transformation. I am also eager to work with Shivanna, who is a legend and huge entity by himself. He has experience working for more than 100 films and I have only worked in 001 films! He is so humble and down-to-earth. Suri Sir says that Shivanna is a director’s artiste,” she adds. Tagaru is scheduled to go on floors from August 21.

Before heading to the gym, Manvitha says that her mother who was initially concerned about her career choice, is very happy with even her relatives advising her to do more meaningful films. And she hopes to do so.