Experimental, my dear fan

Published Jul 13, 2016, 12:05 am IST
Updated Jul 13, 2016, 12:05 am IST
There is a fine balance being maintained by newage cinema that explores new ways of film making.
Still from short movie, Jayanagar 4th block
 Still from short movie, Jayanagar 4th block

With Sandalwood going through a good phase with newfangled talent coming to the fore, those unafraid of exploring the unexplored and going experimental, the audience too is opening up to such experimentation. This in turn is seeing its effect on profitable ventures seeing the light of day.

Film makers are finding new ways to stand apart from the usual commercial masala formulas. There is also a fine balance being maintained with new experiments and established stars. Two such films, with an attempt to make a difference are already creative positive vibes.


From the maker of YouTube’s popular short movie Jayanagar 4th block, Satyaprakash, this film marks his debut with a hatke road movie starring artistes with a majority of them from the theatre fraternity.

Debut director Satyapraksah says, “Eighty per cent of the movie develops on the road. The jeep is one of the main characters —witness to all the situations and venues. We have tried it as an attempt to explain some of the most complicated matters with light humour,” says Satyaprakash, adding, “There are rights and wrongs, good and bad in one’s life. Bad things are dependent on situations. The things that might seem right in a particular situation might be wrong in another one. The screenplay develops on this storyline. The movie is a set of intrinsic complicated situations from a person’s birth to death,” explains the director.

Since the jeep is an important character in the film, the team purchased an old jeep and altered it  to requirements. While travelling from Bengaluru to Bijapur, the engine seized near Chitradurga, and the team had to travel many kilometres for even a glass of water.

“We had to get everything from food to water packed from Bijapur. For this reason alone, one vehicle had to travel from Bijapur town to the location thrice a day,” shares the director.

Moving away from the road, yet another first-timer, director Blade Srini comes with a romantic comedy about a boy’s philosophical journey in search of moksha, produced with just a moderate budget of Rs 50 lakh! A distinctive venture, the director says that they have attempted many firsts in the making technique and adopting new technologies.

It is the first Kannada film, for which DI and visual effects were done in Canada (Vancouver). Srinivasa Kalyana is the nation’s first 5D+ Magic Lantern raw film, and they have also used the new technique called Parallax Effect in one of the songs for the film which was also choreographed by them.

Before signing off, Srini says that a song has been shot with natural light, without the use of any jimmy jib, track, trolly or copsters equipment. Now, let’s wait for the releases to see if the end product does justice to the envisioned product.