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Such a roaring success!

Published Jul 11, 2018, 12:00 am IST
Updated Jul 11, 2018, 12:24 am IST
The actor’s action-oriented films have been huge successes.
Srii Murali
 Srii Murali

With an acting career spanning over 15 years, he has gone through several ups and downs, and now he is back again on top — roaring like never before since the humongous success of Ugramm, which helped him reclaim stardom. He followed this superhit with back-to-back successes in Rathaavara and Mufti. Now, actor and playback singer Srii Murali returns with the noisiest venture Bharaate (meaning a chaotic or noisy situation).

The actor who has been very clever about his selection of films lately, is busy these days with the photo shoot of Bharaate at Jaisalmer. The family man speaks exclusively with Bengaluru Chronicle on making lots of noise with his commercial successes, and more.


“After my recent high octane action films, I am attempting a different genre on the lines of my debut film Chandra Chakori. There will be a surprise package. I took a lot of time in fishing out the best script, and finally Bharaate happened. There was a spark in the subject which I have been looking forward to for my next film. It’s going to make all the right noises as the title aptly suggests,” says Srii Murali.

The actor reveals that it is going to be a genre which he hasn’t tried for over almost 14 years.

“When the director Chetan explained the storyline to me and how well planned the venture was, everything fell into place, right from the title. Sri Leela, the actress makes a perfect match for the sweetest character in the movie. Moreover, I have been blessed with a fantastic team since Ugramm, and even in Bharaate, I couldn’t have asked for more,” he adds.

Taking special care in the selection of films, has resulted in the actor doing a lesser number of films... and he feels things have changed for good, and so have the audience’s expectations.

“Several good movies with great technical excellence in Kannada have caught the attention of many. Things have certainly changed for the good. The audience wants something new with good quality and entertainment. Straight subjects with real great performances involving star actors and newcomers has catapulted the industry into a different era. Moreover, numbers are usually forgotten, it is only a handful of quality films that are remembered forever,” says Srii Murali.

Produced by Supreeth, Bhaarate is expected to hit the screens in 2019. Apart from acting, Srii Murali who is also known as the Roaring Star, is enjoying his stint at singing as a playback singer too. Ask him about his other talent, and he is thankful about the love and support of his fans. “I practice singing too. I do it only when it is really required, and when my voice matches. In Bharaate, I will probably be singing at least a couple of songs,” he says.

He also shares that it is his two children, son Agastya and daughter Atheeva who are very keen about his films even though he likes to keep it a surprise! Vidya

The actor who married his girlfriend Vidya, the daughter of a hotelier in 2008, incidentally, essayed the role of Agastya in Ugramm. The doting father always tries to attend his kids school functions.

Sharing a special bond with his fans, he feels that it is the audience/fans who is the ultimate ones to decide the fate of a film and he shares a special bond with them, and seeks their opinion on his ventures. “I feel humbled, and full of gratitude with their love. From suggesting titles, to expressing genuine reactions on my work helps me do better,” he signs off.