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Designs on movies & fashion

Published Dec 11, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated Dec 11, 2019, 12:00 am IST
The stunning Kavya Shetty has multiple projects in her kitty, both in Sandalwood and in Mollywood. We talk to her about her journey.
Kavya Shetty
 Kavya Shetty

Model-turned-actress Kavya Shetty, an engineer who hails from Mangaluru has a flurry of projects ready to hit the screens including the most anticipated, Ravi Bopanna directed by Crazy Star V Ravichandran in which Kichcha Sudeepa plays a special role. Apart from three Kannada films, she has one Malayalam movie titled XII-C in the final stages. Along with it, the actress has started her own fashion line. Bengaluru Chronicle catches up with this fun-loving actress who talks about her movies, vacation, fashion business and on finding her perfect one.

“I had been busy shooting for my movies. They are almost ready and I just have the dubbing left now. If everything goes according to plans, all my movies will hit the screens in 2020.


Of the four, I am done with Lanke, a political thriller alongside Yogesh (Loose Mada fame); Sold, a women-centric one is alongside Danish. It is due for release for sometime, and then the Malayalam movie titled XII-C. While all of them are equally interesting and challenging ones, it is definitely Ravi Bopanna, which I am looking forward to the most,” says Kavya.

Initially, Ravi Bopanna was to be directed by a different maker but when Ravi sir took charge of the film, the entire project went to another level, the actress says.

“Working with Ravi sir is equal to working for 10 movies at once. He is meticulous, planning every minute details to perfection. I guess there can be no other director who presents the female lead to perfection on the screen. It is definitely a task to work in tandem with Ravi sir, but when one starts to understand his style, it is a great learning experience,” she adds.


Meanwhile, she has even started her own line of fashion wear and also designs jewellery. “I wanted to do it for a long time. It is innovative and something fun to do. Managing it has been another task, it it involves the entire gamut from designing it to make the final pieces available on my online portal,” adds Kavya.

While films and her new fashion business has kept her occupied, Kavya has been traveling around the world exploring new destinations, cultures and traditions. “After Turkey, I visited the other parts of Europe. In fact, this is the time of the year wherein I plan most of my travel but since I had to wrap up Ravi Bopanna along with other films, I had to push it to another time. I am heading to Mumbai for New Year celebrations,” she reveals.


Insofar as her search for the ‘perfect one’ goes on, it has a certain ‘height’ factor attached to it,

“I’m definitely not dating anyone but I am planning to marry next year if I find the right match for me. Since I am yet to find the right person, it is my parents who are now in search of my partner. Whenever my friends try finding someone suitable for me, all I have is one main condition that he has to be at least 5’ 11’ tall as I am 5’ 7’, and I love wearing high heels,” she smiles as she signs off.