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Published on: August 7, 2018 | Updated on: August 7, 2018

A new genre of filmmaking is taking the local Kannada industry by storm.

Aishani Shetty, Sathish Ninasam and Hitha

Aishani Shetty, Sathish Ninasam and Hitha

A decade ago or more, short films were usually an exercise to learn the art of filmmaking, mostly involving film students, or it was a conscious effort to exhibit talent who were deprived of big opportunities. Eventually, the short films made became popular due to the huge exposure at various international forums and dedicated festivals across the globe. While it gained popularity, the new found love for web series and various such platforms has led to many more known talents venturing into it. This in addition to making traditional forms of short films. In Kannada, it is the actresses who have been showing love for  such ventures while producing, acting and directing them lately. Bengaluru Chronicle reports on the shortest form of sensible entertainment creating waves in the world of films.

After popular actress Shruthi Hariharan, who af acted in a short film ABC during her early days in her career, had recently produced a short venture titled Last Kannadiga under her home banner Kalathmika. Keeping her company is actress and singer Aishani Shetty who directed her maiden short film venture titled Kaaji. It was produced by actor Sathish Ninasam under his home banner Sathish Picture House. Now, another talented actress of the Eradane Sala fame is producing a short film titled- Conversation under her home banner Scrabble Productions. 

In conversation with actress Sangeetha Bhat, on why she took it up and more, she says, "Regular films are a long drawn process by the time they reach the audience. And, the characters given to us are written by others. Short films give us the freedom to explore concepts and characters that satisfy our own souls. There is no risk of losing anything or to fear whether the audience will ‘accept it or not’. It also helps us in keeping our skills constantly updated".

The first short film is called Conversation, she says, adding that it talks about how social media has changed us all these days. "People have stopped having real conversations about ‘real’ life. It is all about likes and followers.  Hence I started Scrabble Productions just to churn out such ventures and give an opportunity to budding talents. The outcome of the short films is not to win awards or to get popular. We are doing this just for our own soul satisfaction," says Sangeetha.

Ask Aishani on her debut short film directorial Kaaji, she shared that it was during the shooting of her film Rocket wherein she discussed a story she had written, with her hero Satish Neenasam, who has been encouraging new talents by producing films under his home banner.

"When Satish sir liked the script, my journey of becoming a director finally took shape. Since, he had already produced few short ventures, a limited production team was given to me for my film. After lot of discussion and planning, we were able to shoot the 17 minutes short film within three days. With it, I realised how much energy goes behind directing a film," she adds.

Kaaji was selected for screening in few short film festivals. It featured Hita Chandrasekhar, daughter of Sihi Kahi Chandru and Sihi Kahi Geetha.

Many actors in the recent past have ventured into short films like Srinagar Kitty, actress Shubha Poonja in Touch Me, Suman Nagarakar in Gray, which talked about the effects of piracy. Ondanondu Dina by Kiccha Sudeep’s nephew Sanchith Sanjeev and many more.

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