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Rocking RADS on Yasho Marga

Published Dec 6, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Dec 6, 2017, 2:25 am IST
A year ago, she entered into the most wonderful phase of her life when she married her best friend, Rocking Star Yash.
 A year ago, she entered into the most wonderful phase of her life when she married her best friend, Rocking Star Yash.

A year ago, she entered into the most wonderful phase of her life when she married her best friend, Rocking Star Yash. She was at the peak of her career when the couple tied the knot. Following previous blockbuster films including Mr & Mrs Ramachari, Dodmane Huduga, coastal beauty Radhika Pandit who was last seen in Santu Straight Forward returns to her other love — acting. She speaks exclusively with Bengaluru Chronicle about her latest venture after marriage, the extended break from work, and her role in the Yasho Marga foundation which is helping farmers, labourers while taking up environmental issues mostly related to water. “Post marriage, I had decided to take a break for at least six months. It was a conscious decision as I did not wanted to lose out on all those happiest moments. However, the six months break got extended by few months as the lead actor (Nirup Bhandari) for the movie I had signed unfortunately suffered an injury and was recovering. I would not call it a comeback film as I have started from where I had left from my last film. For an actor, personal and professional life are two different things and marriage is something which happens in everyone's life and it is the same with an actor too. While some were curious about my career post marriage, I had been listening to scripts and I eventually stumbled upon on this film (yet to be titled) which is being directed by Priya under Rockline productions,” says Radhika Pandit. Incidentally, her latest venture is partially a women affair including the director, cinematographer and two others who are assisting the director.

“While I was getting so many offers, Priya the director who had earlier worked for madam Suhasini Maniratnam, had approached me. Eventually everything fell in place as I liked the venture as a whole and my part in it. Such is the script that I would have accepted it even before my marriage. I have always chosen to portray roles which inspired me and mostly that I enjoy it in the first place. As far as this film is concerned, it is a regular entertaining drama but I am sure the audience will love the whole fun part of it,” she adds.

She reveals that she plays a fun loving girl with a twist to her character who faces inferiority complex. “I am equally excited and curious to work with the women's team in majority unlike my previous ones. It will be my first film ever to work with a female director, and even cinematographer Preetha and two other last assistant directors,” says the actress, adding that marriage has not changed her much in terms of taking up works. “Neither me or Yash interfere in each other's work. This has been the case even before marriage when we shared about our works as friends. While we both are well aware of all our projects, we are open to opinions but we take the final call as individual professional actors.”

On how she manages to stay fit despite all that sweet treats and parties running for months post marriage, Radhika says that she is a blessed soul who doesn't put on weight easily but however expresses that staying fit should be an important aspect not just for an actor but for everyone and hence she makes sure she stays fit through her own set of routine exercises.

Before she wraps up, she feels proud to be associated with 'Yasho Marga' foundation. “Now that I closely work with Yashs' noble cause, I take time to contribute and take up responsibility. A lot of questions were asked before it started off. We did not wanted to take multiple works and hence took one at a time and within a short span of time, the response and the positive work has been an inspiring journey. Our recent rejuvenation of lakes has been one of the most satisfying one. We do not hesitate to talk about it as it might inspire someone to join hands with such meaningful cause,” she signs off.



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